Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

  • Published on: 2018-12-04
  • so scrolls are the bad guys and you're free a race of noble lawyers heroes noble warrior heroes [Music] your life began the day it nearly ended we found you with no memory we made you one of us so you could live longer stronger superior you were reborn I keep having these memories something in my past is the key to all of this you're not a flatus thing you see that's a yes or no question yes [Music] would you like to know what you really are I think I had a life here what aren't you telling me you've come a long way the universe strong as you think the slaw is just the beginning I'm not going to fight your war [Music] I'm gonna end it [Music] I'm super cute as lovely aren't you what's your name Jerry's hmm
  • Runtime: 02:19
  • marvel, comics


  • CJ Larson

    White men forbidden! Whats racist, is that I am part Mexican but mostly white. White is such a huge generalization for people. Russians, Australians, Europeans, South Africans, Canadians.......all largely white. What is your angle Miss Marvel?!

  • Police 159

    Brie Larson is the queen of the FemiNazis. Political propaganda at its finest.

  • spenky

    Pass. This looks just as bad as green lantern. Can't be bothered with it.

  • Teletrip

    I love this score. This is one of my favorite MCU trailers.


    Out of all of the cool characters they could pick...Sentry and so on...this is what we get? The superhero no one asked for, and whos comic was canceled more than half a dozen times.

  • zer00rdie

    Lets see what the feminists will complain about in this one. Suit too tight perhaps?

  • Bob Wehadababyitsaboy

    Disney, why are you allowing the actress who plays Captain Marvel to repeatedly bash and slander the people who make up a large majority of your fan base for no reason? Someone needs to stop her sexist comments about white men and stop this from turning Marvel into the next Star Wars.

  • Gunny Studios

    Brie, calling all WHITE MALES this moving is not for you. Media and Marvel Marketing, WHITE MALES must see this movie or you are a racist and sexist POS. My position is clear, do not play this game any longer, I will not see CM. I did enjoy WASP and I did enjoy WW (not marvel) so what is the difference?? Maybe BRIE and Marvel and the Media should figure that out.

  • The Monopoly Guy

    I’m going to get a lot of hate for this but why does it sound like all her lines are being read off a cue card?

  • peter green

    "I'm not going to fight your war! Oh, apparently I am going to fight your war! ...Just a little bit of war fighting, then, by me... I will end your war through involvement on my part! In the form of fighting..."

  • Stefan B

    The absurd and racist comments from Bries mouth will makes sure I never see this movie and lets hope she does not destroy the Avengers "End Game"with her sick Ideology.

  • steve washington

    Well I just heard what this brie larson has said so I won't watch this and I'm going to have to now go out of my way to try and make sure no friends of mine nor family go to watch this ahhh soo much work to do now!!!

  • Tmag Odinson

    petition to remove brie larson from marvel annyone ? i mean i would rather have no movie then this movie, just saying.

  • fernarias

    So basically, this movie is about illegal immigration.

  • John Malins

    What kind of message is it sending kids when the hero punches an old lady? Save your excuses.

  • MrHarhammer

    Is it bad that the most interesting thing of the intire trailer is Nick Fury petting a cat?