Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

  • Published on: 2018-12-04
  • so scrolls are the bad guys and you're free a race of noble lawyers heroes noble warrior heroes [Music] your life began the day it nearly ended we found you with no memory we made you one of us so you could live longer stronger superior you were reborn I keep having these memories something in my past is the key to all of this you're not a flatus thing you see that's a yes or no question yes [Music] would you like to know what you really are I think I had a life here what aren't you telling me you've come a long way the universe strong as you think the slaw is just the beginning I'm not going to fight your war [Music] I'm gonna end it [Music] I'm super cute as lovely aren't you what's your name Jerry's hmm
  • Runtime: 02:19
  • marvel, comics


  • Tyler Emery

    Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for this movie to come out, but I'm also getting the same uneasy feeling about Brie Larson that I had about Alden Ehrenreich in trailers for Solo. That said, I ended up really enjoying Solo, so I have hope for this one too.

  • That guy BLUE

    Don't really know the character. But I feel like a real sense of power isn't conveyed well. And why the hell do they have fury looking like an idiot? When has he EVER been derailed on the mission or behaved in such a silly manner?!

  • Kal El

    Captain marvel hasn't even made an official appearance and marvel is already treating her as if she is the greatest thing they ever put out. Talk about being overrated

  • Quiz World

    The plot of captain Marvel is actually the ending of avengers lol

  • Quiz World

    They ended avengers too soon and btw furry looks more like his annoing real self than the actual character. Why is he talking like a clown in this movie?

  • Rashaan Butler

    Like with the first trailer, repeated viewings have me liking this quite a bit. Brie Larson emotes a bit better than in the first trailer, both in her voice and facial expressions. I have a feeling the unemotional part comes from some sort of Kree mind tampering.

  • iBourne xx 1994

    Charlize Theron would've been a better choice Brie Larson is the worst.

  • Jer M

    Fury: "So Skrulls are the bad guys, and you're a Kree. A race of noble warriors? Vers: "Hero's. Noble warrior hero's... Who punch old ladies in the face."

  • Dang it Bobby Hill

    The feminists are going to hijack this and make her some symbol of rising up against us oppressive males just like they did with Wonder Woman

  • Malcolm Nadeau

    If you seen one Marvel film then you've seen everything that's about to come out in 2019 and beyond. Get ready for the most expensive snooze you've ever taken.