Jenna Bush Hager, Barbara Bush Recall Final Moments With George H.W. Bush | TODAY

  • Published on: 2018-12-05
  • yesterday afternoon I ain't got the chance to sit down with Jenna and her sister Barbara at Blair House which is the official guest house at the White House it's where the whole Bush family is staying while they're here in Washington and just like their grandfather the girls were pillars of strength and all heart I think we're both heartbroken we of course expected our grandfather passed away soon he was 94 and yet it came as such a shock and we miss him already very much because he really was the center of our family and yet I think I also get a lot of joy knowing that he's with our grandmother now Jenna over the years that I've known you you could barely speak of your grandparents without it here how are you doing well we love them I mean I think the tears came from joy they gave us such unconditional love I was looking through old pictures and it amazes me that even though he had the weight of the world on his shoulders we really never thought of him as anything besides our grandpa and that joy that we had on her face as his little girls was because he made us feel so special on Monday as the Sun set over the Capitol the nation began to bid farewell to our 41st president as the Bush family looked on at times holding back tears not just for a family in mourning but for a grateful country to the beauty in it is that strangers stood on the side of the street in Washington DC watching his casket go by and saluting him and waving and that fills us up in art and our sadness do you feel the love and respect that is being poured out for him absolutely I'm shocked by how many people have some memory of meeting him somewhere and how they found him funny or how loving he was or how personable he was and that's a really wonderful gift to us is that we get to hear all these other people's stories and how he touched their lives as well how's your dad doing it's okay I think he gets a lot of peace knowing that my grandfather is with our grandmother and that he was looking forward to being reunited with her and so I think that that brings some peace he's writing the eulogy he's giving it to us we of course Barbara and I are we never hold our opinions we're like that's great but could you add a line like this take this out your tough critic will we just you know we how can you tell a man as giant as our grandpa was how much he loved it it's a tall order and I think it's gonna be difficult then I think he also wants to make sure that he can get through it himself without you know he lost his father and is also devastated so to be able to get through the eulogy without breaking down is something else that he's working on sounds like you all had some very precious time with him particularly this summer I mean I we didn't take it for granted because he we knew I mean most likely this was going to be his last summer and we all knew that and one of my favorite memories were my little girls singing jesus loves me and watching my grand pausing and every day neela and poppy would say let's go give great gambia hug when he passed away and I said to Henry and I didn't think she could hear me like I just can't believe this is happening right before Christmas and Neila said well of course it's happening right before Christmas can't be had to get to Gani so they could decorate their Christmas tree and I thought you know from the mouths of babes because they had never spent a Christmas apart and their hope 73 years 74 years so of course he wanted to be there and she probably was like come on time to come home with he reflective did he talk about just knowing that his life was coming to a close he was reflective about my grandmother and I asked him if his heart was broken and he said yes and then he looked at me and he said do you think it'll feel worse than this and it just really got me I mean of course his heart was broken he had lost the love of his life and yet he also whenever you asked him how he was doing he would say I couldn't be better and so I think instead of talking about his time being limited he just lived as much as he could which included watching Barbara get married just weeks ago at their longtime summer home in Kennebunkport Maine we decided to get married very quickly because we wanted to make sure my grandfather could be with us he got dressed early and came downstairs early before the wedding so that he could see me in my wedding dress before we got married What did he say when he saw you okay oh one of the last things he said to me was that I've never looked so beautiful a beautiful moment to cherish of a life well-lived well the girls have so many memories and in our next hour they'll share more of them and I think the fact that they have so many memory many memories just speaks to how much time their grandfather gave him even when as jenna says he had the weight of the world on his shoulders they just thought he was their grandfather and listening to them talk about the Christmas tree and that imagery and we're so close to Jenna we've seen her heart out there but to watch Barbara talking about her wedding day like that wow that was beautiful Savannah please wasn't in yeah I was gonna say Barbara had a lot of really special one-on-one time with her grandfather this summer which she tells us about in our next piece which is next hour Wow that was beautiful Wow please pass along our love jbh as well please dig hi all right now by the way Jenna is gonna have even more in a special hour-long tribute we're calling it a love letter to gampy you do not want to miss this it's Saturday night 8:00 7:00 central right here on NBC guys okay we're gonna go redo our makeup that was really beautiful Wow [Applause] [Music]
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  • La jack

    I feel he had a few more years left but a mysterious death .They said he Had Miles to go b4 he could sleep. Something he knew about Dallas (1963) Something about Boheimian ? And 9/11/01..I think he and John McCain are speaking to God getting his Vote ?

  • William Buick

    The world is a better place without bush ! Son next to be executed ! Lying criminals !

  • Survivrs

    I am envious of the years they had with their grandparents. I wish I could have had as many years with my parents but I came along unexpected to everyone, and while my sisters might say I was spoiled, in the end, I was the most devastated because of all of the times I wanted to spend with them. I wanted my two young boys to remember their grandparents, especially grandpa, but they were much too young. Their memories come from photos. I know that God is with the Bush family during this difficult time.

  • badsherrey

    the bush family is going down for treason...GHWB was a traitor...this was all a show folks...

  • Travis Krause

    These ladies are class acts im sure their grandparents are looking in on them with huge smiles!!!

  • Jen Sowers

    Beautiful ladies...sadly I am so conflicted regarding this family

  • Sandy M.

    A loving family, beautiful memories. 😢 💖

  • Ross Rain

    Dumb just like their Globalist Father 🤢🤮🤮

  • Travis Krause

    Theres nothing quite like family and nothing probably hurts worse than the passing of a loved one!!!

  • C W

    Jenna and her mother have the same eyes. Nice girls.

  • Θανος Z

    I cannot believe the crap the media portrays...the man was warmonger and profited from all them wars. Why dont you ask all those dead soldiers families what they think of this piece of work. Not a good man by no means and certainly NOT going to Heaven.

  • Kavik 28

    Do not believe....the Bush family is apart of the Kabaal...the New World Order. The Storm is Coming....are you on the right side???