A Tour Of My Plants

  • Published on: 2019-03-14
  • warning this video is only for 32 ladies and men and non-binary friends that like boring domestic things sometimes it's not for me to understand why you guys want to see something it's just my job to do it I guess it has been highly requested for me to do a plant tour because I don't know what happened a switch went off in my brain and all of a sudden I just got really obsessed with plants I love them disclaimer this isn't gonna be a very entertaining video I don't know why you guys have requested to see my plants I like watching these videos on YouTube but it's not something I thought my audience would enjoy but it seems like you're interested also because I got accused of running a rainforest cafe at my house kind of lady just not have them play it I'm a complete beginner I don't have a ton of knowledge but I will tell you what I know or what I've been doing and everything is a process there's different light during different times of the year if you have like a north or south facing window which most of our windows are you sort of have to play around and move them if they need more light so everything is a work in progress some plants are just like in places so I can see how they're gonna do or if they could live there and I might move them I'm just gonna show you so here we go we'll start in here so most of the plants I got from local nurseries some from like Home Depot and or Lowe's that kind of thing and then some I ordered online which is where the real problem comes in because you can have plants delivered to you and that's the problem because you can get whatever you want let's start with this little guide this is the Hoya compacta of variegata he's very gated he's got these white little lines on him he's absolutely stunning spot him as this little plug so you know in about 30 years he'll be a full plant so this I got at world market it's a little propagation station little cuttings of one of a couple of my plants in here and they're growing roots so this is a problem for people like me because now you can turn one of your plants into like five of your places are you multiplying more plants are you applying in a couple of my videos when you see a bunch of plants right here this has sort of been a little bit of a nursery if you will so I keep putting plants here and then moving them out because when I get a plant I want to make sure that they get enough light you know right away to adjust so not all these plants are gonna stay here but I like the light that they get here so that's why you've seen a lot of different plants here and it seems really overwhelming but I promise you it's not this plant I got not too long ago but that's why he's still here because I still want him to adjust and I also potted him in a beautiful ceramic pot and I'll show you a couple of the Hoyas that I potted before in terracotta pots I guess there's the big thing whether or not you should plant Hoya plants in terracotta pots because their roots may grab on to the porous clay and then you could rip them off by accident when you go to repot them I don't know so I've planted this one in a ceramic one but some of them are planted in terracotta pots but don't come for me okay I'm learning boys are like one of my favorite plants as you'll see as we move into the other room because they have these thick waxy leaves they're just cool they flower sometimes it's giving the right conditions and their blooms are like spectacular none of mine are in bloom in case you wanted to see when you're just gonna have to google it and they're really tolerant of dry air which is what we have here in Southern California so they're a good plant although some of them need more humidity it's the different situation upstairs this plant I got on Etsy which is also unfortunately another dangerous place to find plants that you like he is a will thin since the very uh he's basically just this one big leaf he's amazing look at him his name is whale and when I ordered him on Etsy they shipped him to me bear ruth's which means his roots are just wrapped in like plastic so I had to pot him immediately as soon as I got him he's doing okay but that's why he's here in my little nursery area we have a nice sheer curtain this is a south-facing window so he gets lots of good light while he adjusts and I find a good spot for him this is a beautiful Chinese perfume plant that I got from logee's which is the most dangerous website for me that's a very existed I don't know if you live in other countries maybe there's other places you can buy plants but here in the u.s. logee's is a very dangerous website for me because it has things I had never heard of this plant however is very easy to take care of he needs almost nothing and he actually flowers these beautiful little yellow buds and they smell amazing they smell like perfume and some of them are dying off here but he's got some new ones he's growing he's great this is his nursery pot and typically I won't pot a plant unless it actually needs to they don't need this but I like doing this an awful lot let's move over here to this beautiful ruby rubber plants I think that rubber plants are one of the most underrated houseplants that there are they are so lovely and amazing so there's several different varieties of rubber plants I have this one and then a different ones upstairs but in their natural environment they can grow very very tall because they're a tree and it's actually where rubber comes from but in a house you can pinch off their top leaves when they get pretty tall and then they'll stop growing upwards and you can have them just be this amazing tree in your house like who doesn't want to tree in their house I want to tree in my house he has this amazing variegation and pink and red the chill and I feel like people don't rave about their rubber plants enough what an amazing plant some of my plants have names others of them don't extreme name some of my plants and I name some of them Julian name some this one is named nin schemin joj she's named after a vine this is Miss Keisha miss Keisha is a beautiful bird of paradise which can live in Southern California so my plan B is in many many years but this gets far too large we can always put her in a pot and she can live outside but I'm hoping she gets big and beautiful I got the white version because the leaves actually grow bigger and flatter and more open which is why I bought it didn't buy it because I particularly thought it was gonna flower inside it needs a lot more Sun I think but I bought it because the leaves are so thick and beautiful and I want it to be this big miss Keisha in the corner you know what I'm saying so she's actually three plants she's doing very well they like to be root bound in there and I'm not going to try and repot her until she's busting out of this one and I really don't want her to be guys she find this is Gilly Gilly is a monstera deliciosa and when I got this plan I got this at Lowe's and somebody had done did this plan so dirty so it was potted in a ceramic glazed pot and the drainage hole was like teeny tiny really bad and so I brought it home and I was like trying to let it dry out for like two weeks and it was wet which means it's gonna drown it's gonna get root rot so we had to do a little rescue mission and get him out of there so that's why some of his leaves aren't doing so well but since we repotted him in here he's doing much better I love this plan and he put up with the abuse that someone had put him through so you know he really here to stay this is Bjork one of the most amazing artists of our generation but the orc has some I think this is called edema which means the roots are taking in too much water than the leaves can handle and then some of the cells in the leaf like sort of explode a little in my experience with these other leaves this has gone away but it has to do with like incongruent watering and the first time that I read that I was like I'm a Virgo and if you think I'm incongruent then I don't know who you think you're talking to so I think that this is temporary at least hasn't happened on some of the other leaves before but this is Bjork she's a fiddly fig she is just so incredible the advice that I read online was that these can sometimes be really tricky plants to deal with with light and water and they're really just kind of diva eat this is some diva behavior right here oh my god you fed me too bad this is too much water too fast oh I don't like it and if you buy them when they're pretty big obviously they can be very expensive so a lot of people online have said try spending a lot less money like I think I paid $19 for her at this size and if you're doing okay then you'll have a tree someday but don't go out and spend a ton of money on a big tree because they're kind of fickle but she's doing really well and she's literally putting out three new leaves all at once so maybe it's a you problem now to me because I don't know why you're doing all this red spots on your leaves but maybe chill out with making leaves maybe make one at a time welcome to the highest section I'd say they're probably my favorite house plant so I of course need one of as many as I can find there's hundreds and hundreds of varieties of Hoyas they all could in theory bloom I imagine with my luck none of them ever will but I love them for their foliage I think that they just are so beautiful and different I love how thick they're almost succulent like leaves are they're just amazing so here's an example of one that I potted in a terra cotta pot so please don't come for me I'm aware I'm still considering whether and I'd like to plant them in ceramic pots this is a Hoya Carnot saw crimson princess so that means the variegation comes from the inside where as opposed to this one which is a Hoya Cardosa Queen the variegation starts like this like these white leaves look how amazing and then they sell he goes to the outside you're just so beautiful and these like long sticks at the end here that's where the flowers will come from so you never want to cut those off which this one I'll show you when I got this plant first of all it was mislabeled as a Hoya carryi which is a plant that grows in the shape of a heart and I don't know if you have eyes or anything but like this is another Hoya carryi and I went on Instagram and I figured out that this is called a Hoya crinkle 8 because it has these little eight crinkles on the inside and somebody did this plant hella dirty because all of these spots right here is where probably the long woody stick parts where the flowers have come from have all been cut off like someone just went in here and cut them all off somebody castrated you I'm so sorry and so since then he started preparing himself here with some new growth and beautiful plant I hope you're happy here I mean erect this plant tour for a dogfight this is a Hoya obovata he's beautiful he just put out this little tiny leaf he's amazing I love him and speaking of circle leaves is the Hoya Matilda Matilda Matilda methide Matilda I think also got this from logee's just a cutest little guy you're so cute how can you be that cute this is a Hoya curtsy I just a teeny tiny little leaves he's so cute and droopy he's still in his nursery pot and then this is a Hoya fit gi the Stream named one of these plants vine - but I don't remember which one whatever one of these plants is name is vine - thank you stream this one has like a little thinner of leaves and he's just so I love you you're so beautiful I can see your veins you're amazing the stream named this I think this is a Toya bill Obata but I'm not sure that's what it was labeled as it could just be a hoya car no sir Stream named her La Hoya Jackson thank you for that they get good light but I'm always sort of moving them around depending if they need more or less light or whatever so let's move over here shall we so I have three pothos on here I have a neon pothos skinned abscess or satin pothos and pothos enjoy I think it's called I got these at different places I've repotted them so some of them didn't really enjoy it so they had some brown that I had to snip off but they're all doing very well now they're pretty chill pretty easy this is a philodendron Mike ins which is what I have propagating on the kitchen table he is just like velvety and green and amazing I love him hoping to maybe plant some of those back in here so I could have a fuller my kins that he was a very very tiny guy when I got him and he's doing so well and I just think he's so beautiful its velvety oh this right here is an allocation fry deck which absolutely took my breath away the first time that I saw it this plant has no business being in my home do you know what I'm saying look at him he is the only Alocasia that I have I know typically they like higher humidity but he's okay without it I guess so I've read but he's not doing particularly well would say I think this is normal this is a dead leaf I know they can go into their tubers or sort of go dormant so he hasn't gone dormant but he's also not putting out a leaf right now but I think he's okay I think he's chillin he was upstairs for a little bit in higher humidity and I think he was getting too much Sun up there so I moved him down here but every day I wake up and I just talked Julian's ear off about what planets I'm moving where and how I'm concerned for this one and he gets really annoyed with me so I love you Julian these are some varying succulents that I just got at the grocery store except that one that was a gift from some students to Julian I don't know why any of these succulents are alive I don't water them I don't touch them they don't really get a ton of thought I think over here we have my little buddy Rex he's a snake plant he's one of many snake plants to live here because they are so chill and need nothing he's still in his nursery pot his name is Rex this is Vin Diesel he is his easy plant he is also in his nursery pot this I would say if you are like brand-new like I was and you don't know what to get or what would be happy in your house get a Z Z plant they just they need nothing from you and they just give you so much love like he's just sitting on this random table pretty far away from the sunlight and just having a great time took me a minute to appreciate just what a special lovely wonderful plant he is because it's sort of like a common low light house plant but like he shows you so much love I don't know what I did to deserve all this growth and love from him but he's just like shiny and glossy and lovely you come over this way you'll see all the dishes that haven't done this is a he's a coral cactus but this is like the one thing that saved my life every morning I wake up have my coffee and a walk around it's like a nice little meditative experience I just go around and I check all their soil get down to where their roots are I mean he's a cactus so he's chill but for all the plants when it says dry basically like real dry then I'd give him a drink but other than that just leave him alone unless it's like a peace lily or something that likes to be moist but let's go outside Stream named this one Coachella this is Coachella Coachella is a ponytailed palm he likes full Sun he needs to get watered almost never because he stores all his water in that big tree trunk of his he's also known as like an elephant's foot this is Ana puntilla or a prickly pear using can't even believe it what are you you're the best plan ever he's just spectacular I love him don't touch him though or else he'll prick you he pricked me earlier this right here is a string of pearls I originally tried to keep this plant indoors but then I found out that he liked it outside better and he's just been putting out these little flowers and just like having a great time so I left them out here because he's just happier and I want you to be happy this is Julian's only plant Julian saw this and loved this this is a Burroughs tale or a donkey tale succulent what did you name this one you named it boy yeah these plants live out here they're both in their nursery pots and I think they look nice and I have no intention of repotting them until they need of it so like in terms of outdoor plants I don't have a ton of like flowers or that kind of thing because I don't know what time yet but I'm excited for the spring to start learning about that kind of thing because it's somebody used to do when I was little with my mom I just don't know anything yet I've only learned about indoor plants as you can see but I'm looking forward to that aren't you Julian yeah outside plants let's move into the dining room which is where my too much gene is really showing off right this is a north facing window and there's like a porch over it so it's really dark in here and before we put all this stuff in here it just felt like really sterile and we don't do a lot of formal dining I don't know about you but I wanted to make this room like something a little more fun and like nice and chill like a place where you'd want to be I thought what better ways with that then with a bunch of boys if it feels like a jungle then you probably want to hang out in it or is that just me we're Julian standing right now I have tried many plants there is no light that can reach here nothing nothing this is the the location of the only planet that I have ever killed it was a golden pothos it just withered away and died so what we did in this corner is I threw a chair in the corner and then you have the plants around it so they can get just enough light to survive but the corner is filled or something it doesn't feel so sterile and cold in here so we got another chair to sit in that corner as well but have made many adjustments and many oopsies in this room the first of which was those big planters there's a couple of them they're actually outdoor planter I had put all of these snake plants in cuz I was like they'll be fine they're sick plants they are indestructible you can do anything if you live in a little light they can just be wherever the only thing they can't have is a lot of water at their roots and they'll get root rot so they started to just be a little too moist so I rescue missions all of these snake plants out of them and they're doing so much better now and they're in terracotta pots so it will wick the moisture away from their roots and they don't sit in those but that's also why I was like what the plant that just likes to be wet as hell a peace-loving bitch a lot of these plants if they're not doing well in at certain situations we can move them in other places so the peace lilies might not stay there anything might not stay anywhere we'll just see how they do but all of these plants have been here for a while now and they're all doing really well which is surprising because it's dark as hell in here so we have a couple of different varieties a snake plant there sums of moonshine he is so cool here's another Z Z plant because I just couldn't believe the love the first one gave me so I got a second one this one this one and this one are all variations of a Chinese evergreen this is a marbled Queen pothos this is a I think he's just a sense of various cylindrical but they call this certain variety of mohawk don't tell anyone but I think someone mispriced him at the stores I actually got him like dirt cheap this is a small Sansevieria cylinder cut this is a small golden pothos I also left him in his hanging container because I wasn't quite sure if I wanted him to be here so if I want to hang him somewhere in the future this is like the low light special room all these plants are like I'm cool with low lights make plants eggplant this is a variegated snake plant this is a philodendron Brazil have this like really pretty lemon lime color going this is a sense of very like Hani amazing he's green I have a bunch of other ones upstairs with different kinds this is a peperomia Ginny which I wasn't too keen on like I know there are people that love certain types of houseplants like I love Hoyas as you can tell there are people that are obsessed with pepperonis and I'm just not super obsessed with them but I saw this was labeled as a super low light plant and I was like no way that's not right he's been pushing out so much new growth he's been sitting right here only getting like a little sunlight and just chilling so the outsides of his pink leaves are just so beautiful and I can't believe that he's doing so well there he's like a variegated piece Lily there's another one outside that's a different type but he is also doing OK in a self watering planter because he just likes to be wet and moist and he's just chilling and this is a pavo's on like a trellis we are moving to my pride and joy my favorite most amazing beautiful love of my life he doesn't have a name we should really give him a name because he is just the best thing in the world old he's a Ken TIA pom and usually they're okay in medium to low light so this is a really big experiment I got him from a nursery because he was a special order for someone else and then they just cancelled their order and I was like give me that Palm Beach I struggle a little bit with understanding when he's dry because he's potted in like lava rock he has some fronds back here that are browning but they're old fronds so I'm hoping it's just part of his natural process but this is the plant that I freaked out about constantly because I loved him but I know that a lot of people struggle with palms because they're very tropical they like humidity it's dry here you know so I'm just like hoping and praying that I keep this plant alive because he is just so spectacular they're only grown from seed you can't propagate them they only put out about like one frond a year so I certainly cannot do this plant into service by mistreating him I worry about him constantly constantly over here put three peace lilies in here and they do get some east light I don't know if this is gonna work this is kind of a project an experiment but I can always start up remove them around to somewhere else so over here is the peace lily that was in that corner this is a red riding-hood aloe I think is what it's called he got scorched cuz we had him somewhere with too much Sun but I think he's on the road to recovery but he's very cool I like him and then I have another larger aloe plant which also we had somewhere else and he just got a little too much Sun but look at that he's recovered his end so nicely if you wanna move upstairs welcome to our bedroom julian has been very patient with me because I decided and asked very nicely we could make this a room for some of my plants that need high we did get some humidifiers and here and I framed that too Julian was like yeah but it's gonna help us sleep better because it's Oh try here and then if you get sleep please so I keep this room with the door shut if you guys aren't scratching at it trying to come in and out at about 50% humidity which isn't even super high or anything I know people blast our humidity but that's like the bare minimum for a lot of plants that like it and there's only like really a couple in here that actually need it some of the Hoyas if I wanted them to grow more you could bring them up here they'll do better in the humidity like all plants tend to do a little better with more humidity but first of which is this amazing begonia maculata yti when I saw this plant this is one of those plants I was like I will do anything you want what do you want I will do anything for you Oh get the back see leaves are red in the Front's of your leaves are green and you just come out with these spots like oh my god and then to top it all off in the spring and summer this plant puts out flowers kidding me oh my god this plant needs at least 50% humidity so that's like he's in here and just been growing like crazy it's just been doing so well I thought this was gonna be a little trickier of a plant sometimes I get intimidated by plants that look really exciting so I'm like I can't have that it's gonna die you know I'm gonna it up somehow but I have it it's I'm just astonished I've had really great luck with this plant and there are a little bit of the crispy ends of the leaves from when the door gets left open on occasion but for the most part just like really spectacular this is my only other peperomia Pylea pepper my teas i think is what it's called they weren't like common household pests like scale or mealy bugs or anything it were like oh it was a little couple of caterpillars living on this soil so a couple of these leaves got munched but I have since removed the caterpillars but it was really funny it was like what is eating you what is eating you I don't see anything he's so cool like he's just so super cute his name is pod I have a couple of these throughout the house just to know like what the humidity is like if there's a plant downstairs and it gets really dry I might bring him up here this is a monstera add and Sonia he's the same type of plant as the monstera downstairs but he grows in this beautiful wine with these leaves also known as like a Swiss cheese vine this is one of the other plants that enjoys a little bit of humidity a very tropical plant it's just like beautiful amazing I love him this is a poco Roberto that is Roberto so Roberto is a rubber tree just like the one downstairs that he is a forget that what you call this burgundy he just has these like really very dark green leaves that sometimes look black honestly what the hell is going on Kermit he's grown so much and I just can't get enough of him he is so stunning and beautiful and just the coolest and I also sometimes like to take him into the shower with me so we can shower together poco Roberto is just a smaller version of Roberto because I love the rubber trees so much I have three of them at this point we have another couple Hoyas up here this is a Hoyle a Canosa or a cinnamon scented Hoya so someday if this plant ever blooms or flowered those blooms tend to smell like cinnamon although I've heard lots of Hoyas they all have different color blooms different looking blooms and some of them smell like ramen noodles or chocolate or anything in between this is the unburied version of the Hoya compacta it's just a regular one to screen but as you can see he grows pretty slow so it would take many many many years for me to get one of those plants to have the big long like octopus the tendrils which I think are so cool this right here is my one and only ox valise oxalis are like a false Shamrock plant they're super cool this kind grows like a tiny little trees like are you kidding me and then same he also had one little yellow flower which has now since gone this is the oxalis rubra which is I guess one of the harder ox Alice's to care for because they need a lot of Sun right here he tends to get a lot of Sun Julian actually took a time-lapse of him because they like open their little leaves with the Sun they're so cool over here I have varying types of snake plants because if there's a spot that I haven't had good luck with plants in the past like I've tried to have some pothos up here and I don't think they get enough light I'm like alright let's put a spike plant there because the snake plant will appreciate it this is a starfish another couple of honey Sansevieria japonesa six frayed let's go to the bathroom so this over here this is my only dracaena he is a Dracaena Warnecke eye and he's just really cute he needs almost nothing for me this is a curly spider plant which I didn't know existed I've only ever seen the straight variety they're very straight he's already putting on a little baby right there he says these curly little leaves Oh what the hell this is our actual bathroom which one time when Julian was out of town I just started to thank you for letting you do it Julie this is another marble pothos and just the regular green pocos this one's name is rowdy weed thank you straighten for naming rally weed rally weed and this is another satin pothos appear and this is a lipstick plant my only lipstick plant as you can see I have smashed his plastic hanger in here because I wanted to see how he's going do a little bit so far pretty amazing because right now this might not seem like a lot of light but in the morning beautiful amazing lovely light it must be enough for all of them to continue to be happy was it really that unbearable that I wasn't paying attention you for as long as that was so those are my planets I hope that you found this interesting I know there's a lot of plant lovers out there I know it's always cool to see other people's plants and what they enjoy having if you want some good plant advice there's tons of channels on YouTube like most of what I've learned from YouTube like plant arena Kaylee Ellen I love Hilton Carter from Apartment Therapy I love watching that see begonia is really fun it's just like such a fun rewarding thing this will obviously always continue to change as the seasons change as the light changes and as I learn more about outdoor plants right Julian it's maybe someday in the future if things get even more out of hands which I anticipate they will I'll do an update I hope that you like this anyway this is like not a type of video that I'd usually make but I know so many of you asked for and requested it and I know that some of you guys are just genuinely curious about my life or hobby switches plants they're my friends make sure you subscribe to my channel I make new videos every Wednesday / Thursday I have to go water many sermons now Hispanic needs much want there multiple times a day alright let me check you can I check you oh he's dry he's very dry just very dry it needs to water okay we're gonna play a game called the quiet jeans you're losing how about we do a high-five good boy I'll see you guys next week goodbye
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