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  • Published on: 2019-02-10
  • as a child growing up in Singapore Lunar New Year consisted of many traditions exchanging oranges for red packets full of money having old people pinch my cheeks to wish me a prosperous new year and big family dinners at my grandmother's house with more food than I could ever dream of since my family moved to the States our New Year celebrations changed as we did but the thing I find myself craving is a pineapple tart these soft buttery cookies filled with stringy pineapple goo or a Lunar New Year staple and my absolute favorite the best are always homemade and the taste is something I'll never forget the cookie itself is delicate pillowy like something angels float on in heaven the pineapple filling is sweet yet tart and just before I finish one I'd have another ready to go in my hand but here's my problem I don't know how to make them and they don't settle them anywhere here that I have found the only time I get to eat them is when someone visits me from Singapore and brings me a box but that does not happen very often so I was hoping you could help me make them I will try my best that's great so I get a some research great so the cookie you're talking about it's pineapple jam like a thick jam yeah yeah and it cookie it's very delicate and soft I think I would compare it to like when you take cookies right out of the oven and they're still hot and they're just like falling apart I want to make something very close to young memory yes so I think to help us out today is our friend Nathan he's from you were born in think poor you have a family recipe yeah so I think an auntie's recipes actually like the perfect place to start it's a little yes he's off destroy can you draw the shape that you're familiar with you have like the cookie and it has like a cute little like that's pretend that's round okay sure sure and then there's just like the lump of like the pineapple part and then there's like teeny tiny strings of dough that just like it looks like a sunflower let's make it and let's sell them Oh believe me different I know that our business plan so let's make pineapple filling first three camps yeah just go yeah just dump it all in yeah yeah all right I'm pretty sure do seats yes how chunky it's very fun trini stringing pineapple has a lot of lime yes and sugar this looks an angel really I think so because the acidity I don't let's not talk about her to pour everything into the young fifty sure oh my god that's so much sugar and the cinnamon all right so this is gonna just cook that's what the rest of the same don't enjoy while it's cooking let's make dough so Mason Santa recipe say it's cream the butter right but in order to achieve the flaky texture I want to try making like almost like making pie using food processor you think cold butter instead of creaming butter and that will make it fluffier it makes flake here because it's the air pockets the butter it's cold about our melts and kind of creates a layer like croissants mm-hmm after butter it's kind of like a sound we can put wet ingredients yeah blarp this is gonna come together like a dough so when you start using a handi has to be kind of quick right because you have hot hands yeah so I'm going to chill in in a refrigerator okay and I want to just like divide it in two and also I'm gonna take a small portion and just bake it don't touch too harsh so I found it - cookie cutter has it look like a flower shape yeah which one right ah if I'm thinking about picking one up and putting it in my mouth it's two bites and they said one life I think this one okay what's our Bowl look so cute we're gonna go over and I will try 350 for 15 minutes bye-bye look at this I think it's dumb I went ahead and put it in a colander so that any other liquid will just kind of dry out while it cools and dries cookie time keys I delete it it's too dry hmm like it turns into sand in your mouth this is a little flaky it is very pie crusty mm-hmm which I don't think is right Oh God right oh no not right it needs to be softer so we are going to do creaming masada so instead of making the dough like making a pie we are going to make the dough like making cookie so room temperature butter and instead of using granulated sugar we are going to use powdered sugar why it will make the picture you like powdered sugar is a little sweeter like reduced to 50 Oh same amount mm-hmm so we're doing wet instead of dried first yes I already put baking powder okay yeah Timor oi oi oi you enthusiastic yeah yes yes incorporating it will creates good and so we have to rest this down about three minutes because we do want lunar II don't want good you don't want to do it because it's gonna be chewy and let's take a portion and cook it like we did last time yeah and you know what I feel good about this okay these look good I'm gonna go in over I'm going and you're really great bye bye so I changed the temperature from 350 to 375 is a little bit darker but it's okay it's a test part it's not so buttery hmm got there where there's no it like breaks cleanly but it like goes off in your mouth I feel like it can be a little bit sweet I know I think sorry i reduced the sugar 250 but I think we can use a tea ground yeah Wow okay let's do it let's do it let's do the final portion like how this a final attempt at them final answer answer okay so differently it's just the amount of sugar cookies but he wants not sneaking yeah so let's cream making cookies cookie time Who am I okay next step yeah we're gonna put the fridge yeah what's this recipe it's going to be carried over to your your my choose yes from one aunty to the next should we test batches or no we know we know dough's going in the fridge we'll be back in 30 minutes okay sorry cookie dough is cold yeah yeah big boy Wow why are you so much better at this than I am I paid a lot of money going to color no disco hair okay so let's cut it all so we tested both sizes and I think we're gonna go with the smaller one cookie cutting okay so once you're done make it fancy no come together and make a plastic wrap I'm preparing a fridge and are we gonna make last tips now or the time now let's see how sticky they are sticky yeah oh that's a bit big do you wanna do it's hung oh so cute okay all right hands it is you look like eggs looks sure eggs that's cute nice one okay sticky high-five no biggie high-five my name is Gladys and I love a lattice alright so I'm going to use ruler I see that I'm just gonna roll them in my hands it's so cute I have so much respect for these aunties maybe I can become that neighborhood auntie Oh Nicky oh that pineapple tart hunt yeah do you want to try get in here yeah get in here maybe one day Rea when you and I are 80 years old we'll just make cookies together yeah there's anything you can find me oh I will do you think we are still staying touch of course I will make sure of it this is our old lady cookie plan whoo we're almost there yeah [Music] I'm going to brush with egg wash and we are going to bake in 350 for 15 minutes 15 minutes okay great show me the money well is it going to remind you the pineapple tart you ate when my childhood I mean they look pretty great yeah cheers Cheers [Music] they're so gum the taste the texture this is it that really like buttery flaky Mountain your mouth yes it's good it's so good I honestly never thought it would eat these like this again I'm so happy to hear that thank you so much yeah welcome [Music] [Laughter] [Music]
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  • Mzhe Teo

    Omg pineapple tarts are my favourite

  • Celine Assi

    "My name is Gladis and i love a lattice" 😂😂

  • Lucikio Travis

    You guys should come to Singapore and eat some of the food here

  • Angela Ang

    Hiiiiii. I'm also from SG, in fact, I'm in SG now. My mother also makes the pineapple tart every Lunar New Year. From what I observed, the pineapple is to be fresh one (freshly cut from a pineapple, not canned) and then blending it. After pouring it into a pan over the heat and cook it into a thick paste. While cooking, gradually adding sugar and tasting it to have your favourite sweetness. I hope this will help you to make a better Pineapple Tart.

  • Nikshi Patel

    I just found out today that Nikki is lesbian and IS MARRIED TO A WOMAN. Also I know it's legal, I just never thought Nikki was lesbian.

  • Enviotonin85

    You need to use fresh pineapples and cook to darker brown colour. And add milk powder to the dough, it will add extra flavour to it.

  • ChimChim Kook

    I love how Rie always says "Alright." when another Tasty member makes a pun 😂😂😂

  • bob theman

    I would love to try the cookies but I’m allergic to pineapples witch is sad bc when I was younger I wasn’t allergic but when I got older I ended up getting allergic 😢