The Rollable OLED TV: The Potential is Real!

  • Published on: 2019-01-10
  • [Music] okay okay okay okay what's up guys i'm pbht here and we're out here at CES 2019 with possibly the highest profile item i want to see for myself it's the LG rollable oled TV so this was actually announced last year already you've probably heard about it but it was kind of behind closed doors it wasn't on the show floor for very long there's more of a proof-of-concept this year it's on the show floor it's real they're showing it to people and they're promising they're going to ship it to real people buying it this year so I just want to see it in person point a camera at it and turns out it was pretty cool so it is a 65 inch 4k OLED and it's got all the benefits of these awesome panels already so great vibrant colors pitch black blacks great viewing angles the whole deal and that's no problem since OLED panels are already super thin and then it comes out of this pretty clean looking silver box with front facing speakers in it a lot of sound bars have like upward facing speakers these actually face you and then it has three modes all the way up like a normal TV all the way rolled down so completely hidden in the box and then this this sort of midway halfway down mode that's called the line mode and it has this custom UI of the weather and things like that which can be pretty useful but obviously the cool part was actually watching the TV move up and down between these modes actually moving the TV was pretty quiet it was maybe 8 to 10 seconds and it just sort of slowly rolled its way up and rolled its way down and that's pretty much the whole shtick it's the rollable TV so that was the Marvel of watching the silver box open up the TV roll out the top and then at the end of the day when you're done using it I guess it's a TV that can disappear into a box and not be seen now the line mode actually gave me an idea that I think they could do the fact that you can stop this TV down two-thirds of the way into this special mode is a good start but what would be cool is if you could actually decide on any number of aspect ratios in between like if I was watching a 21 by 9 movie the whole point of this rollable adjustable TV would be if I could lower the TV to a 21 by 9 aspect ratio so there's no black bars that would be dope that I think would really make the whole rollable modular TV concept pretty interesting to people and obviously the box is super simple it's the black grill with the speakers but I would love if they made like a clear box demo version so we can see the actual TV inside rollin up just because I kind of want to see how it works but if you look closely at the size of the TV it's broken down into maybe 40 or 50 of these little segments and they span the whole back of the TV each and they're interlocking with each other to keep it rigid and then the TV disappears into this little box piece by piece and then it folds down and it has this sort of X frame holding it back and that X frame just kind of like expands and contracts holding up the corners of the TV it's kind of hard to explain with words but I think you visually get the idea but that's how it works and that's the rollable TV now what I get one honestly probably not I mean they say is coming out this year but it is definitely going to be much more expensive than any other TV I use and I already have a wallpaper TV which is really dope but you know you got to admit it's gonna be expensive but it's still pretty cool for sure I think it's neat to see really radical and crazy ideas of CES which can be notoriously filled with products that don't go on to ever exist it's cool to see one of these ideas actually move forward and become an actual product and I think it does have the potential and I think they can easily make it do these things if you get to pick your aspect ratio at any point that'll make the no black bars Theory possible for watching movies and content like that so it's fun to see maybe I'll get in the studio and actually get to buy it and use it well we'll find out soon either way that's been it thanks for watching Doctor guys the next one pace
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  • Daniel Stevenson

    The aspect ratio height change suggestion tends to be almost redundant to apply in the case of a TV because there are no unsightly bars one 21:9 movies because the pixels that aren't in use will just turn off because it's an OLED panel.



  • KNO

    Who even watches TV

  • Omizuke

    I had thought the same thing about the aspect ratio. It would be great if it would shrink if the content is 21:9 and such.

  • Ed Vincent Calaguas

    The only useful I can see this is to hide tv from toddlers and prevent them from breaking that very thin smart tv.

  • Kunta Kinte

    it is a disadvantage if you need to switch on the tv urgently.... gotta wait for it to unfold...

  • Amaracea

    Can’t wait for them to apply this to tablets and phones. So disappointed in Samsung right now for going foldable when they’re the ones that came up with the rollable idea in the first place...

  • Harold Yun

    Scaled down, this may be a better version of the “foldable” phone

  • Lee Silva

    Literally obsessed‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Barry Shaw

    The link in the description is to a Chinese website I mean come on now

  • Kaspos Blazos

    Whats the point of it? Its a large ass box that takes up space either on your floor or a shelf. It doesnt give the function that actual furniture does. It has no drawers, you cant really put much on top of it. Its just a large box, taking up space. It takes time to roll out. Its unnecessary mechanics that can break. Theres superthin wallpaper TVs that take up no space and can camoflauge itself into your wall when not used, no rollout time. So why use this? Its like trying to impress a 10 year old with unnecessary "cool" mechanics. Kinda what AUDI usually do with their cars. Having displays and AC units rolling out when the car turns on with unnecessary mechanics that take time when display and ac can just be out all the time.

  • Turre Tuntematon

    And what’s the benefit of this really? I rather use my TV as a mirror or a painting instead.

  • Jp willerd

    😶😶😶😶😲😲😲Holy shit that is amazing!!!!!

  • md opy

    Are you very rich??😍😍😍👍

  • Leo Timtom

    Hmm, if only there was a way to avoid buying a 99 cent duster..............