Full Champions League Quarter-Final and Semi-Final Draw

  • Published on: 2019-03-15
  • [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] ladies and gentlemen welcome to the house of European football for the UEFA Champions League quarter-final draw there's been plenty of excitement and drama hasn't there over the last few weeks with some scintillating football played across the continent when the dust settled there were eight teams left standing harboring hopes of lifting this iconic trophy in Madrid on June first four teams from England won each from Italy Portugal Netherlands and Spain are still in the race the round of 16 produced many magical moments and proved that attacking football is alive and kicking a total of 46 goals were scored in all matches you don't need your calculators I can tell you that that represents an average of 2.8 goals per game Cristiano Ronaldo may be at a different club this season but he's still doing what he does best and hitting the back of the net with regularity he scored his eighth Patrik in the UEFA Champions League to equal Leonel Messi's record while following his brace against Lyon at the camp no Messi himself has now amassed 62 goals in 61 games at home in the Champions League unbelievable statistics and we look forward to seeing both of them in action and of course all the other stars as well as the competition continues so now we are one step closer to the climax of the competition but all the remaining contenders know they still have plenty of work to do if they are going to reign victorious so which teams are still in the running let's take a look at all of them and also the host city [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] eight teams one dream to lift this trophy in Madrid nonstop action in the last round more to come with the many millions of fans around the world already anticipating some colossal clashes in the quarterfinals we're now ready for the draw itself so let's get it going and here to conduct it as ufs deputy general secretary Joe Joe Marchetti welcome Joe Joe Thank You Pedro ladies and gentlemen a warm welcome to the UEFA headquarters for the last season DRO telling us not only who plays who in the quarter-finals but also how the road that to Madrid is going to unfold up to its end best wishes to from the president of Europe Alexander chephren and congratulations to the eight clubs who have successfully made it through this stage of the competition we have now an equal number of group winners and group runners-up remaining in the competition representing five national associations in total the lion's share is this time for England who have an impressive four clubs in the quarterfinals the first time since 2009 that they have achieved such an outstanding success looking back at the last two weeks round of 16 matches we had the most thrilling emotions with four teams reversing the negative result of the first leg two of them grabbing qualification after suffering home defeat I AXA and in the reign of the holders Real Madrid which had lasted 1011 days with an astonishing demonstration of power and courage by their young squad there would be many individual stories to tell for example Cristiano Ronaldo extending his all time record of goals scored in knockout stages 263 which is 21 more than any other player or a Leonel Messi was now scored more goals that come now than matches he played there but it is right to pay tribute to another hero iker casillas were stretched a strip of appearances in UEFA club competitions to the new record of 186 and is certainly ready to make it even longer we have now six former champions of Europa with this club so accounting for 21 title since the competition's inception the rest of the final is as open as never before and no one present with us today with risk forecasting the identity of the two teams that will be on the page in Madrid on the 1st of June what can I say to conclude only wish you all the very best in your coming matches and please give us the Beast the deep emotions we expect the same you have dispensed so far now as usual our drone cannot be performed without the presence of stage of our ambassador a legend who knows just what it means to lift this illustrious trophy ladies and gentlemen here are some of the great moments on the L standing courier of this living legend [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] and gentlemen please put your hands together for the UEFA Champions League ambassador Julius Caesar let's go back to that title in 2010 with the first one for the club in 45 years what did it mean for you and the team to lift it Wow you know I have I still have in my mind a beautiful moment snow so it was great to win this trophy no and you know Pedro I think every place in the in this world needs to play a Champions League final no it's not easy no it's not easy really tough it was easier for you that season because you had such a strong defensive block you had six clean sheets in in that in that season what was the importance of the whole defensive unit in front of you as well so I think for the goalkeepers is very very important to have in front of him a good defenders knowing my time they makes me comfortable safe you know that's it you're pretty safe like there's all with your own hands but now coming to these days you Giulio we have eight great names in these quarterfinals different stories incredible matches played so far you see anyone has a clear favorite for the fight oh it's really hard to choose the one these moments you know but I think leave up was doing the row eventos Barcelona much the city just one no it is really tough eight favorite for the foul guy we all believe thank you very much Giulio and now that we're getting ready for the through a very quick reminder of the technical procedure as you know this is a completely open draw with no country protection now see the teams and special conditions the eight-balls containing the names of the quarterfinals are all placed in this central ball that will be shuffled and then drona the first-team drona plays the first match at home against the second team drawn in all the four pairings of the quarterfinals however I would like to inform you that Manchester City and Manchester United cannot play at home on the same night or on consecutive nights as decided by the relevant authorities so should both clubs be drawn with the same sequence set of home or away a fixture of Manchester United will be reversed in accordance with the UEFA club competitions committee principles as they had the lower domestic ranking in the previous season the calendar of the quarterfinal matches including the potential reversal of Manchester United will be communicated soon after the draw at approximately 12:45 the calendar of the semi-final matches again including the potential reversal will be communicated to all parties on the 18th of April after the quarter-finals return leg and now nothing is left about the draw of the quarterfinals the lineup fantastic names aiex Barcelona Juventus Liverpool Manchester City Manchester United Porto and Tottenham Hotspur FC now I leave you gentlemen good luck with proceedings Julia Forsyte thank you I prepare everything for you I don't need to do that you know Joe you don't need you oh you can do whatever you like you can of course that is the first name so a Jack's first Club drone AFCI Aqsa I asked the heroes of the night in Madrid eliminating the titleholders after more than 1,000 days so I AXA is the first team Drona and now they will be paired with another team that Giulio is ready to give us iooks back to the quarterfinals after since 2003 still unbeaten away from home in this season Juventus iock services Juventus so Juventus also coming from the very astonishing comeback from the night ensuring so to tang winners so I ask you when this is the first airing of this quarterfinals we are ready to learn now the second is Juventus was a final of Champions League in 1996 Liverpool and now it's Liverpool FC the five-time winners of Liverpool FC yes Liverpool who play the final in the last two appearances in our competitions in 2016 and 2018 was Europa League first and then you have a Champions League last year FC Porto Liverpool will play FC Porto twice winners as well of the Champions League and yes please Julia we have completed the 50% of the job still four clubs remain in the in the pod so now we have total tottenham hotspur is now drona total Emma back to the quarterfinals after 2011 and for Tottenham now you will decide which one of the three left my sister city so total Emma will play an English derby against Manchester City FC in the quarterfinals for the third time in the last four seasons so Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City and one is left to clubs we know the pairing but we don't know the sequence Barcelona Barcelona is the first team drone in this pairing FC Barcelona five-time winners and the oldest of the record appearances in the quarter-final successive appearances in the quarterfinals 12 times since 2008 Barcelona has always been in the quarterfinals option with me and gesture United so Barcelona will play Manchester United but this this as I said in the beginning this fixture will be reversed because of the problem the issue of playing together with Manchester City in the same week so it will be Manchester United FC Barcelona in the first leg now we have completed the quarterfinals but as you know we have something more to do in this draw and we are now drawing the path of the semi-finals this will be another integral drobe among the four teams which qualify from the quarterfinals and they are indicated as winners of quarterfinal one to four again the first club drawn will play the first leg at home and I can only invite Giulio to start the draw or the four pairings so first first semi-finalists will be the winner of called final 3 water final three so quarterfinal three means Tottenham Hotspur or Manchester City this will be the home team in the in the first leg of the semi-finals and their opponents will be now known coming from another quarter final which will be called final one what a final one so Tottenham Hotspur or Manchester City will face in the semi-finals the winners between IX and Juventus that's the semi final one and four semi final two called final four if what the final fourth first so Manchester Barcelona or Manchester United and their opponents clearly will come from the missing quarterfinal called final two or the final two so Barcelona Manchester United will play in the semi-finals either Liverpool or F support now with this we have only one thing that we need that to do now we have to determine by the row which team is to be considered as the home team in the final the winners of semi-final one of the winners of semi-final two this is obviously for operational reasons as both finalists are treated absolutely equally the final will take place in this amazing mistake they study metropolitan on the 1st of June 2019 so Giulio tell us which semi finalist has to be considered as the home team for this expected amazing final semi-final once any final one so one between Tottenham Manchester City Hayek's or Juventus will be home at the Metropolitano 1st of June against the winners of the other semi-final just show same final two semi final two so a solana or Manchester United or Liverpool or FC Porto with this that we have done everything thank you very much Giulio Pedro what do you think about this through well done gentlemen doesn't matter so much what I think as as all the millions of fans who are out there reacting already to these matches really looking forward to them let's take a look at all of these matches I acts against Juventus two teams combining for six European titles Liverpool were to combining for seven Tottenham and City both teams looking of course for their first ever Champions League trophy both semi-finalists Spurs in 1962 City in 2016 and then we've got barcelona vs manchester united teams who are combining for eight sides also did you enjoy that Julia yeah yeah Angela glad to hear it let's mark those calendars then first legs of the quarterfinals we played on the 9th and 10th of April with a return leg scheduled for the following week that's the 16th and 17th the semi-final first leg will take place on the 3rd of April and first of May with the return fixture scheduled for the 7th and 8th of May and then there's the big final on the 1st of June that's all from us thank you to Giorgio Julie all of you also for being here that'll do it from us at the house of European football in Neil [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you [Music]
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  • ojideagu

    it all hinges of Man Utd. If they can beat Barcelona there will be 3 EPL teams in the Semis.

  • Indranil Ghosh

    prediction is juventus vs man city liverpool vs barcelona( depends on how Man U play) for the semis. juventusvs barca, man u or liverpool

  • Pranay Kant

    I want porto and ajax final but then liverpool is my team but i want barca to win so messi gets ballo o dor but liverpool gets in the way # juve will lose for sure at home

  • Jack Lee

    QF leg 1 Ajax 2-1 juventus Spurs 1-3 Man City Liverpool 3-1 Porto Man Utd 0-3 Barcelona QF leg 2 Juventus 3-1 Ajax Man City 4-1 Spurs Porto 1-2 Liverpool Barcelona 1-0 Man Utd SF leg 1 Juventus 2-1 Man City Liverpool 1-3 Barcelona SF Leg 2 Man City 3-1 juventus Barcelona 1-1 Liverpool Final Barcelona 1-2 Man City

  • j LFC

    If Liverpool go through to the semi final are they home or away first leg ??

  • Fleekest

    Isn’t this rigged? Remember AS Roma were already selling tickets against Liverpool before the draw even happened last year? So corrupt.

  • Jack Cubitt

    Once again, Messi and Ronaldo in the separate halves of the draw, making for another potential Messi VS Ronaldo final. Do your research and see how many times this has happened apart from the year they played the Semis against each other and explain the mathematic odds of that