Mass shooting at Christchurch mosque


  • hoffen

    Let me correct you : it's a terrorist not a gunman *** 👍

  • catmandont100

    The shooter was engaged in " Light-Skin-Ramadan "...…...You Started it, ISLAM.

  • Cost Segregation - Tax Deductions Up-Front

    This is not a matter of political preferences neither apocalyptic signals, it has more to do with the bad influence exerted by key and/or powerful characters, that by demonstrating the absence of good judgment and the flagrant manifestations of their racism and the lack of respect for human rights  (people like Trump) become the idealized example for murderers like the recent lunatic gunman/terrorist, who feel identified and motivated to act, maximizing the same sick tendencies of not respecting to others that they consider different.

  • Erős Pista

    He's a KIWI TERMINATOR! 🎥🚙🕌🐀💩🔫☠🚙->🚓🚑📺⚰

  • Kid Dynamo

    I got a link to the gopro footage of the shooting. shoot me an email if you want the link.

  • nelg55

    I have a copy of the whole went like this: He went to this mosque, started shooting everything in sight, went out to the street, ran back and forth while shooting, went back to his car, changed his gun, went back again to the mosque, shoots again, went back again to the street, shoots everyone again, went back to his car, drove away while shooting everywhere....WOW!! HE MUST BE ON CHEAT MODE!!! NOBODY NOTICED HIM!!

  • zoroaster the great red dragon

    I'll be making a full video taking allllllllll these little scripts from each video of the real banned video untill the full video is re compiled .the whole video is illegal so we take bits and pieces from here and there .while you all follow the no comment videos. You all show subliminal messages with little scripts seens of the true video I'll be gathering them 😂 before falsehood Hollywood makes a submissive undermining subliminal movie with me and my family as the stars of the fake show

  • Ass Möde

    what did he say in the beginning? "jdfksljfdowk afternoon"

  • Earthdogbonzo3

    The message is clear: Close All the Mosques in the West, Contain Muslim immigration, and closely vet all established Muslim citizens. This is far from over and just beginning. The real message here is: WAKE UP!

  • bigbangnone

    This shooting was horrifying, but not as horrifying as the Government plan to cause these shootings in an attempt to disarm and enslave good citizens !!!!! All venues should be armed. Your Governments and your ideologies are deceiving you that the gun is bad.......while they steal taxes from you and arm themselves to the teeth while forcing bad laws like THE GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONES ACT......which is responsible for over 50 dead children and teachers in the USA. We all have an inalienable Right to protect ourselves AND OUR FAMILIES from the Democide of a Tyrannical Government, which History clearly shows is 10,000 times worse than this shooting. It is time for the citizens to stand up against these Politicians and News Media Networks who are each bribed and owned by the FEP (Financially Elite Psychopaths) which are the World level Fractional Banking Systems and corrupt corporations who have a goal to disarm and enslave you for their personal profit. And they have pushed bad gun laws that have disarmed all city venues.....which removes the necessary deterrent to these crimes, and communicates to any budding psycho shooter that these venues are disarmed, easy access, killing fields !!! Do you see...... It is your own bribed politicians who force you tax payers to arm their Gov Buildings....while they force laws to disarm all your buildings throughout the cities. And when people are shot, and they will be shot - Because that is the Government plan to force mass disarmament of the common good citizens after these Gov planned shooting occur.....then the FEP Banksters can bribe your Gov to disarm and enslave you cows to pay the high interest on bad dept for thousands of years !!!! The FEP have chosen Kawaii and New Zealand to build bunkers and create away havens far from all the unrest that will occur when the FEP are ready to trigger the Economy Crash. And they have recently been buying allot of Real Estate in New Zealand. So you see why both Kawaii and New Zealand are outlawing guns. Remove all Democrat Politicians in 2020 !!!!

  • Stephen Childres

    I guess they don’t know the difference between semi automatic and automatic or what a terrorist is

  • SuperJV4x

    this is a fake false incident - that's why youtube is disabling videos that question it

  • Ant

    who has the video link i lost the link?