Has FENTY Done It Again?! Pro Filt'r Concealer & Setting Powder Review | Jackie Aina

  • Published on: 2019-01-09
  • hi guys welcome back to my channel it's your girl Jackie I know Cheka Cheka Cheka Cheka Cheka Cheka Cheka Cheka Cheka Cheka Cheka Cheka tan take birth off real quick before we even get into the makeup because the makeup is the most important part but like the look is also essential I know Savage Vinci doesn't get as much shine as her makeup line but crawe really gives us robes loungewear girl I've been obsessed to say the least but that's not why you were here you're here because fitzy has finally finally I think that when fin T drops complexion the girls come running the girls comes down looking checking and asking 50 Buddha's just dropped a whole line of new concealers a whole line of new setting powders they also apparently expanded the pro filter foundation collection so what used to be 40 shades is now fit II also shout out to Finn C for sponsoring this video can I say this is my first sponsored video with Finn C and I believe this is their first wave of sponsored campaigns this year amazing way to start off the new year shout out 250 for keeping the light equipment these wigs dude intership no NDA's were signed and she has been testing these products for a couple weeks now just couldn't see me bang I could not have to keep it real hush-hush but today I'm finally going to be getting on camera sharing my thoughts so this won't be unfortunately first impression style even though I know you guys love first impressions cuz I can give you my raw unfiltered unedited thoughts right in it even though technically it is it is oh but you know I'm gonna be bored just demoing the products walking you through them and sharing what I've collectively come to learn and appreciate about this newest collection ever Lulu - earlier I feel like a lot of vintage launches really were maybe overwhelming for some consumers I mean we saw a lot of glitter stuff we saw a lot of more fantasy and whimsical fun and now that we're going back to fin T's roots I think this is going to be extremely successful especially because the promised trash can go ahead so without further ado we're gonna go ahead and demo the pearl filter instant retouch concealer as well as the pro filter instant research setting powder I'll be giving you guys a full fint face I'm even giving you fancy wardrobe all she need his fancy bundles let me know Rihanna when you're ready cuz I'll be check please whenever you are so you don't just give us a snap story just give us a heads up it was a tweet and I'm bear also if you love reviews if you love truth if you love just coming to Jesus moments with your makeup might as well subscribe I mean I know you keep coming back here anyway let's be real it also makes sure you hit that belt that's supposed to be the shape of a bell also make sure you get the bell button you will be notified every time I do a new upload and that way you won't miss a word girl you the first reason to know when I upload let me stop talking let's go ahead and get into it I sold the main hero products in today's video and in this most recent launch from Finn TR her pro filter concealer and her pro filter instant retouch setting powder there are fifty wow that's impressive there's fifty concealers and that's like what am I gonna even do with fifty consumed that's just a lot you know but that's a good lat I also feel like minty straddles that wow I don't like using that word I think the Finn T is very good at focusing on quality not quantity because you can have a big number they may not even necessarily be useful shades you do not I mean I feel like we're kind of starting to see that with some brands so I appreciate the fact that finn t doesn't do that I don't have the entire fifty shades I don't really feel like it'd be useful for me to swatch all of the really really really light ones all of the medium shade cuz they're gonna look completely different on me versus someone that you know it's actually a little bit closer to that skin tone I'm instead going to start from 390 which is the lightest shade that I have and then four nine eight which is the darkest shade that I believe exists in this collection which makes me really really really excited because it's very rare I come across a concealer that's dark enough to work as a contour on me that's what most concealers should aim to stop with brands okay cuz they just the girls are still not the rage rage girl don't play with my life damn but I'm gonna start working on this base and then I think we'll get a little bit more in depth once we get to the concealer application part so I'm gonna start off by priming my face with the pro filter instant retouch primer let me see you want to pop God see yeah this actually kind of feels like a year in review because if you really think about it last summer we got the whole foundation and complexion category stuff and I feel like now we're like reconnecting to Fenty's roots I feel like this low-key might be like one of their biggest launches oh this I'm now applying some of my first oily skin to blur even more snatch this is pretty much gonna be an 80% findi face I'm gonna be using a lot of the products together just because I feel like they work really well together I'm gonna take a bit of yacht life matchstick I always do this to kind of warm them up I find that they apply a lot better do you guys know she loves to highlight underneath foundation bad and I'm just gonna blend it out with my finger sometimes I even take a little bit of the excess and then apply it I'm gonna go in with the pro filter foundation my shade is 420 comecon got to my roots of color correcting lately I don't know why just one day why you see that smell that smells like excellent but real quick I just ordered some Indian food on postmates and never had better nan samosa chicken tikka you know I love a knife leave unsubscribe back Gulf making sure I'm having nan in my teeth next I'm gonna get right on into dish the concealer and the setting powder 50 concealers okay the pro filter instant retouch concealer I wish I had a little pamphlet or something so I could talk about each undertone like I want to know the story behind it look at look at Miss Reed just looking all innocent and pretty she is so beautiful I can't either the cans well don't really have much about each individual shade in that pamphlet but I will tell you what I do know the formula is soft matte and it's definitely very creamy I would almost dare I even say slightly gel light but as far as the consistency and the finish is very creamy creamy not necessarily crease thing though the two are not used interchangeably or mutually exclusive the other clamps are it's long wearing it is sweat resistant I've been in Ghana for almost a week I wore it about three times tested it outside humidity parties club mr eazi concert bernabéu concerts it was just staying put not to be disturbed definitely long wearing it doesn't dissolve I will the combination skin so I find that most complexion products break down really quickly very easily this concealer does not do that and I've also tried it with other foundations I tried it with my Born This Way I've tried it with my brand that's it so this launch is gonna be available as you guys typically know Sephora calm so for stores infinity Beauty calm so 390 looks like this and she could actually work for me she could actually work every number is said to correspond with the number or the shade of your pro filter foundation so if your 420 in the foundation your concealer shade is also 420 now here's what's also really unique they actually explained that the number of the foundation and the number of the concealer are meant to complement each other but are not necessarily the exact same shade the concealer is actually slightly lighter aka your highlight shade which i think is freaking genius most people use consider us to highlight most I think generally that's just what we've collectively decided to stand upon or 10 very neutral on me at least very neutral 420 is my shade and I'm gonna show you what this looks like and also how it compares to my foundation shade here is 420 the foundation here is 420 the concealer this is 430 which I have been using a lot as a corrector it's very very golden also can I just say real quick I love the packaging i love how Finn tea has kind of established this soft matte really simplistic packaging for 40 looks like this very golden this is I haven't tried this one but this is very golden and like I said these make really great correctors 445 i've yet to try she's quite close to my complexion this is six shades and like low-key high key I could get away with wearing all of them that is major and almost unheard of 450 and we still have quite a few deep shades to cover y'all hold on to your legs we still got a whole bunch of colors to go over this is 450 we're starting to get into the more deeper dark category we're getting there slowly not quite there yet this is for 60 quite rich and quite red as you can see on camera and now i'm swatching over my body here we're doing it it's weird it's just don't judge try not to judge me okay we've all been there this is for 70 another shade that in my opinion looks quite rich and cool toned this is for 80 that is 480 so 490 used to be the darkest shade in the pro filter line there are now two shades darker than that so this is 490 in the concealer very chocolatey and quite cool toned phone attic this is I'm telling y'all that's major okay that's just unheard of so that's 495 this is now one shade after 490 previously known as Finn T's darkest color and the darkest color at least the darkest color that I have so far is four nine eight and I will be using miss for nine eight to contour if you could just focus all the girls could see so here's the spectrum of medium dark to deep dark shades that we have 50 shades for a concealer is really good especially for concealer that actually is good stop wasting my time with 50 colors that we didn't we didn't ask we didn't we didn't we didn't ask we didn't ask for it we don't want it take it back now fancy claims a little bit of concealer goes a long way start with a little bit and build your way up so starting directly under eye I kind of stitch I don't want a mixture of two of these colors I like the way that they lay on top of each other and that's why I feel like color correcting is so important because it's almost like doing your makeup in steps does that make sense and I love the one do you see how I can just eliminate the five head one swipe at a time do you see how much surface area I just covered I also tend to get a little gray around my chin so I'm gonna correct there then my actual concealer color is 420 and I'm gonna tell you why I stick with 420 I feel like 410 while it could probably work it is quite neutral and it's a little pink for me so 420 is neutral but it leans a little bit more golden so I'm gonna stick with 420 for my highlighting shade you know some of those like two and one foundation plus concealers like why don't they give us a highlight shade that's what the girls are going to use it fer I would actually love to see a foundation with this finish and this coverage I actually like the finish concealer more than I do the Foundation's I'm gonna take 498 I'm gonna use that to contour and I'm just gonna be real real easy on it coming to a fight I didn't want any confrontation I didn't want I'm gonna keep it real easy I'm gonna keep it moving keep it simple I'm not here for confrontation I'm not here to beef okay that's actually really dark darker than I expected in typical Jaggi anniversary I like to let my concealers sit and dry down a little bit this is not a quick drying concealer you do have room for playtime it's not going to set super quickly on you it's not gonna dry down on you where you like okay I came up with my first no you will have playtime basic is what I'm trying to say that's just kind of like my signature so let me now go ahead and blend out 390 into 420 they also have a new set of sponges but there are no small for me I do get carpal tunnel it's hard for me to use really really small tools especially tools that require like all five of my fingers so I am gonna stick to the original precision sponge that they came up with last year this concealer does spread very quickly almost on the wave it like a watery concealer would so did you see what I did with my contour like it really was like oh it's oh it's contoured oh she sculpted like it really spreads out so they are correct and a little bit goes a long way but if you're doing it under your eye get away with it just be careful in areas where you want more precision application for concealer to use a little bit and then build up we're just here adding five more years to our lifespan with this concealer this concealer was a long time coming she needed this she I mean cuz you know that's what they didn't quite they didn't quite do what's like some of us are ugly okay so moves are ugly mystery but common and however I understand you can't drop all the heat at the same time so you know she had to build up some anticipation and put things and steps I get it I would love to see this concealed in a foundation and sometimes I find myself adding more sometimes I feel like the first application is just right it really just depends on what I want my face to look like that day needless to say it's not a concealer that I have to like force into submission like she just she shows up to work on time hairs done nails oh oh no it's time to set with the powder hmm there are eight of the new pro filter instant retouch setting powder and when I tell you I just did something with his color she really might've just do something coffee the darker shade is the darkest setting powder I think I've ever seen in a non professional like mass retail brand there's no flash back with these setting powders they are truly a translucent powder you're not gonna see it sitting on top of the skin you're not gonna see her just sitting there waiting for her ride to pick her up after school she's gonna be gone by the time the bell rings okay she's gone however I do actually like how sometimes depending on how you apply them they actually add a little bit of coverage too we love a power that doesn't more than one thing for less we love a power that we can get our money's worth are you setting powder I'm like 50 different ways I use this to set my primer I used to set my foundation I use it to bake under the eye it truly is a palette that you can kind of use is like a veil but you can use to like finish the skin now I don't have all the shades but the one that I've been using for my skin tone to set my makeup is nutmeg nutmeg looks like this she's really pretty nutmeg is new to the class welcome nutmeg is translucent but also kind of neutral we love her we stand forever love this brush love this brush itself in cheese brushes are so soft this is my all-over color now one thing that I will say is there is a ever so subtle she there if you sniffing hard enough there is a scent to these powders and normally when it comes to translucent powder especially I'm not a fan of fragrance in my powders I feel like they can be overwhelming powder moves around so much that it's very easy to go from zero to Oh but if there's ever a scent in a powder and I know this is gonna sound so QVC but I'm being dead serious it is the most subtle and pleasant scent it's almost kind of like but sweet kind of cupcake II but I feel like if it was any stronger I feel like if they added a little bit more it would be off-putting this in my opinion my opinion is not know I know everybody's sensitive to smell and I am a little bit of a fragrance snob so I can tolerate a little bit more than the average person but the fragrance is there personally I will find it off-putting so I'm just pushing that product into the skin like I said I have oily skin so translucent powders are a must for me to really really lock my makeup into place it can also be used with a sponge so I showed you nutmeg which was my Oliver face shade I showed you coffee which is the darkest shade available out of those eight I only have five so I'm gonna show you which ones those are this is cashew which is I would describe as a pretty hazy light sort of pink there's honey honey honey honey honey honey which I initially was using as an under-eye powder because when I saw it I thought ooh gold beautiful perfect I actually found that this is more suitable for like someone's all-over face color this is definitely going to be for the girls that are in the medium category for under-eye it's just a little too gold in my opinion or Michael I'm speaking to me just just me a little too gold for my under-eye woo-wee just me myself and I so just die and stop you by when I stopping now when I stop banana existed I was like yeah [Music] I never realized how much I really appreciate a yellow powder until I just you know if it ain't broke don't try to fix it this is just what works for me and what I like it is truly the most translucent on me is the shade banana so that's what I'm gonna set my under eye concealer with now now upon testing this powder out for the past couple weeks I have learned there is a teensy bit of a learning curve I think most people when they apply a baking powder translucent powder under I feel like the more powder I add the more it scents on top of the skin it doesn't melt it doesn't really do in my opinion me any justice I feel like it ages me so I use a little bit less I only press it in there twice okay I'm gonna dust off the excess and I'm going to dip off the back of my hand okay and then I'm going to press it into the skin if you load this powder on so help you god I will not be there to help you sis I won't it's definitely way easier way to work with less powder than it is trying to fix and correct when you've added too much powder it is definitely a matte powder it is oil controlling oil balancing if you apply too much it can get a little drying so be very careful with that sponge is really going to push that product into the skin I feel like if you have dry skin this method might be a little too intense for you and a brush is going to give you a lighter application of veil of the powder so as you can see that's adding a nice blur and what I tend to do is start from under I and then just kind of go over the whole face again I think every person every makeup lover needs two powders okay one for all over the face and one to highlight I always emphasize that powder in the areas that I have the most issues with so where I get the most shiny my five head don't super dull and around the corners of my nose I'm gonna take a big kiss got a cute the triple push-up collection but it's like a little bit of my Sigma Accord a raza blush it's a really nice peachy tone and apply that to my cheeks I'm gonna highlight again with yacht life don't forget about right above the brow I'm gonna line my lips with pitch liner from colour-pop for my lips I'm gonna pie minted dope toe going for about 90s sculpted lip and then I'm gonna finish off with the fussy gloss balm oh never come for fancy because the girls will always be two steps behind and you will always lose you will always lose chasing another brand so your own thinks it's your own script girls it's so nicely seasoned products being added to the original hero products affinity I love the concealer I would definitely recommend both the setting powder the I actually really like this blush the setting powder brush is bomb it's also really good for like sleeping excess powder underneath the eyes it it's good for a blush girl like I'm home I get my money's worth and this is definitely a brush worth your coins amongst the concealers and the setting powders I feel like you're probably gonna have a really hard time not finding your shade 50 bro like 50 colors you know 50 that's a lot and that's a lot of variation the products are gonna be launching January 11th you guys what the hell the fact that like we're days away from that and New York like January 11 on Finn see beauty calm and sephora.com thank you again to fin see for partnering with me on today's video hopefully this will be the stepping stone to another future wonderful partnerships I'm eating nails thank you hopefully I'll see you guys in the next video which I will just don't even worry I got you okay all you got to do is click I'll put it right here it's easy to find it's accessible click it
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