Kehlani - Nights Like This (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) [Official Video]


  • princess jewel

    I know this girl who broke her heart is gone read this. You done fucked up. Look at her now glowing like the queen she is. My ex hmu n said " I fucked up, you never know what you had till its gone n pregnant" I imagine that applies here. 💯

  • иαʝι ll

    Does anyone notice that this song is explaining that some people in a relationship don’t show enough affection, love and loyalty and that the robot left her for a another man... Her man baby daddy is bi sexual and he probably left her for someone else... 🤭

  • Chaeyoung Myoui

    I dont know whos kehlani btw and Wheein from Mamamoo keeps talking bout her so... Here i am. And okay... Hoping for a collaboration.

  • Error

    Heard that lisa likes your music !

  • Maribel Tisoro

    This song is so underrated, only 15M views for a beautifully collabed song

  • tigerlove 1904

    I know I posted this on a different video but- I a song callabatation with Kehlani and Lauren Jauregui..I bet that song would be a masterpiece..

  • Hien x

    Such a queen!! I love this song ❤❤🔥