Delusional Owner Thinks He Gets The Same Produce As The White House | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2019-01-09
  • we do things with passion with integrity 2010 raviolis please the food here at the Bistro is the freshest hands down [Music] how you sir that is on the batch bill yes I know you know now you can take it off thank you excellent come on over good to be with you as well it's a pleasure likewise what's the first thing wrong with this place well we make no effort whatsoever to market to the locals really apparently um yes I think Joe believes the restaurants a little above the local area seriously I think that's probably a problem I thought was pricey but I mean 16,000 locals on your doorstep why would you ignore them arrogance Wow so how'd you rate it in terms of the food on a scale of one to ten five fail you're scaring me can I meet all the staff for the badges I'm gonna get rid of those bloody things let's call a meeting with the badges say hello and give me a bat let's go tell your budget you're a wanted man down thanks and thank you next first name Rebecca excellence Madame wonderful come here you hello main tank pies off edge ease it down Thanks would this be my French onion yes ma'am I could hear it now it's the owner so supposed to be so goddamn Pilate oh you're good all right so we have the French onion soup to start sure thank you my darling how did you make the soup Joe makes the soup Wow thank you Paul the cheese is barely melted normal should be live more packed with onions so much fat on top of them greasy this is going to gr babies up Oh where's mr. Rockefeller grace thanks that was really greasy on top ok no more free and I'm shorty yes okay um what happens here that is a parsley infused oil any squirts and tall around the rim Jesus I'll check on you in a moment thanks something well Joe Chef Ramsay said that it was greasy we had a lack of onions and not another cheese not enough cheese he let me go talk to this guy chef's would you like us to prepare another French onion Joey takes about four hours to caramelize the onions I'd like to move on sure continue taking okay let's do that then have you had an opportunity to taste yeah no it's just Rockefeller was that a bechamel top was out on their what we put that on this holiday because it's all broken but I had to spit that out because it is bitter that normally comes with noises are frozen what's the oil around the outside that's like we just put a little bit of our olive oil it was just more of a garnish they should not it been can you can you see how I rim but I don't see anything on the oyster ice well I got it in there in there man well we're not dousing the plate in oil I'm not here to argue I'm just telling ya I can make you another one of these if they'll just keep on moving oh no no no no no no let's move let's keep moving okay wouldn't I'll take these away accent when it comes to Chef Ramsay I'm not intimidated because I know a lot of chefs I've cooked and been all round ice the Rockefellers with terrible that's funny VIN oh look please put that down that looks oh is that my rack oh this is just so we can shower there's the Cape they come from Cleveland and there's like a procession of human food cake pasta gonna throw some plausible as we do when people are dead what you should be doing is you should have that tournament you carry the further position you there we go [Laughter] what antibody it'll put carrots on it puff pastry why would you do that this would be your scallop on croute thanks a night [Music] these are the local counts micro carrots i'm microcars yeah from local farms do you not think you should let it grow bit well I don't think they're there to be really eaten there for garnish oh that's a garnish come on stay add some color okay but I would like to explain what we're spending on micro carrots yeah we go through this often whatever you want to do you you are here right there's our guest trying to give us back to Jeff I don't personally want them myself well you can take them back to the kitchen huh no I buzzing in one of them thank you Amy I have staff here that'll take care of that you don't hand me raw food in my dining room we don't need them to bust our balls over if there's little petite carrots that go there don't sing carrots go to the White House so same carrots go to the five seasons they go global okay good care of her fucking garnish micro garnish carrot was on as a garnish we're gonna hand the owner the little petite carrots casino he's in the wrong place you
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  • soberpunk

    This dude is OBSESSED with garnishing plates.

  • Gerard419

    This mini carrot would ruin the whole dish for me

  • TheInfected

    Watching hell's kitchen and kitchen nightmares back to back is sooo great, you can tell he's restraining himself so much when he's judging the food but they're like "omg my feelings" if they got the treatment they deserve they'd be crying 😂

  • Alfie edwards

    Owner- you don’t give me raw food in my dining room Me- you don’t serve raw food anyway

  • Abdullah Ansari

    Gordon was a bit extra with the carrots though. Amy extended her plate towards him, and he insisted Joe take them. When you insult someone like they their defense mechanism kicks in and they won't listen to what you have to say

  • TheCreepyArchives

    What does he know? He's in the wrong place Psst, he's Gordon Ramsay you fuckhead 😂

  • Lebenspiel

    That chef's disgusting snapback is soaked with more salt than there is in entire kitchen.

  • Doron David

    "Do you not think you should let it grow a bit?" What Joe's wife says to him when he asks for sex