Tesla Model Y Impressions!

  • Published on: 2019-03-15
  • [Music] what's up guys come get the HD here hey what's up guys we're out here in sunny warm much warmer than the East Hawthorne California and we're out here for the Tesla Model Y event and I say we cuz it's you and I but it's I'm out here we're out here so for the like four of you who don't know model y is going to be the fourth in Tesla's s3x y lineup so it kind of completes it so a Model S and Model X are the big the big car and the big SUV they're more premium they're more higher priced and then there's the model 3 which we're kind of starting to see everywhere especially in the US is a smaller slightly lower priced because the lowest price they have car and so model Y is gonna be essentially an SUV version of Model 3 so this event out here in beautiful Hawthorne why I'm here this is the big reveal this is where they're finally gonna show us the design the specs and the price and maybe they'll start taking pre-orders or someone who knows maybe yeah maybe a surprise or two also you could tell by the reflection I don't know how Casey and Peter and I you guys vlog with this one DX this is a gigantic camera but uh we'll get to it I actually really wish really wish I had a swish pot right about now so some of you may be wondering why model why why model why is even a big deal at all or even if it is I think it is I think model why I could end up being a bigger seller than the model 3 and it's because I mean we've seen model 3 sort of rise up in the charts of best-selling cars over the past couple months that it's been out but the best-selling SUV is especially in the US the best-selling SUVs are constantly way outselling the best-selling cars so I think model Y has a potential to be a much bigger seller than even model 3 and so there it is one of the very few tech products of the past year that didn't leak so this is your first public look at the Tesla Model Y so my first reaction is seeing it first rolled up on stage was a yep looks about right looks like a bigger model 3 a little taller but you know from the front angle on stage very familiar very similar and the specs of course are similar too so it's going to be 230 miles with standard up to 300 mile range with the long range version and then you can see the acceleration number is pretty modest if you ask me if you're not getting the performance version but of course the performance one is zippy at 3.5 seconds zero to 60 and the price range and release dates are all here it's gonna start at 39,000 but similar to model 3 they're not gonna be making that base model cheapest version right off the bat they're gonna make the higher end more margin filling models starting in fall 2020 then the base model at 39,000 will come by 2021 also you may have noticed when they got that car up on stage 7 people got out of it so Tesla is saying model Y is a 7 seater with 3 rows of seats that is something I had to see in person because that's a it doesn't look that much bigger than model 3 but that's exactly what I did so when Elon was done on stage we got to go outside and see it in person a bit more for ourselves go for a test ride and take a closer look now seeing it outside and driving in a different light basically the more angles I see it from the more I see it as basically a hybrid in design between the Model X and the model 3 it's like the two of them had a baby or something and really it's mostly model 3 since it's sharing parts with it but with a few differences so one it's bigger than model 3 that's the obvious one - there's an all-glass panoramic roof now which looked really cool and seamless but was literally impossible to get footage of tonight 3 the ride height is a little higher and that's on purpose so you sit a little higher in the same seats in this crossover than you would in the model 3 4 I think the front trunk should be a bit deeper as well that is me speculating they didn't let anyone open the front trunk or rear trunk but it looks like that should be the case and five speaking of trucks the hatchback so it is now an automatic lifting rear liftgate that is great for cargo I love the Model S hatchback I've had all four tires in the back of my car the other day so I'm happy to see that that's gonna be great for space and then number six with all that extra space there is a third row option now and we saw seeing it in person it looks extremely cramped and my gut reaction is I don't recommend it if you need three rows worth of people on the regular and get a bigger car like a Model X type of size because if you do put people on the third row yeah you better hope they're either smaller or much younger because the legroom and Headroom seem to be both extremely limited Model X has more space of course and number seven something I found really interesting so if you look at the parts where there is normally Chrome on the model three so the door handles the window trim the mirror pieces where it's normally really shiny all of these pieces on the model y as you can see are sort of a satin matte black color and it turns out that's the way it's gonna be there are no shiny chrome pieces on this car it's like a factory chrome delete so you don't have to get your car wrapped to get rid of the chrome anymore so I think that's pretty sweet not a lot of people notice that and that's mainly it so I mean you know I got my 30 second test drive like everyone else who waited it was pitch black the footage was almost useless but hey I got to ride in it and one of the angles that you actually don't get to see as much in a lot of the videos you're gonna start to see is the back of the car like the butt of it to me it kind of looks like a model 3 with the lights but then with the tall shape of the Model X but no spoiler so again very hybrid like and the interior as far as steering wheel and display and the seats and everything is exactly the same as the model 3 so basically if you like the model 3s looks you'll like this if you didn't like the models 3s looks then this is going to change your mind or anything but that's about it I mean all the time I got to spend with model Y who was pretty brief hopefully we get to spend more time it's soon maybe we can do an autofocus episode in the daylight sometime that would be sick also bonus I got to spend a hot minute with the 2020 roadster first time I've ever seen the car in person actually and sweet baby Jesus that car looks incredible I want it to exist so bad right now so many things about it like the carbon fiber in the wheels the rear diffuser the screens on the inside the seats the color the arrow the bodywork everything so hot I really hope it's on time that car is sick anyway that's been it guys hope you enjoyed your first look at model why the affordable slightly larger model 3 with the third row option and a hatchback liftgate I do I really do think it will sell more than the model 3 because of the utility but only time will tell so stay tuned for more videos either way thanks for watching catch you guys in the next one taste [Music] [Music]
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  • Pipa Cacao

    After that video showcasing how horrible and expensive Tesla maintenance and repairs are there is no way to make any of these videos look like their cars are worth it.

  • Papa Panther

    Tesla has some of the greatest quality cars, but they always looks like straight ass...

  • kyron williams

    High Pass filter for video audio please. The wind is 30-55Hz.

  • Chucky Love

    Hey Mar is the sound of the Schoeps CMIT5U i'm hearing? :)

  • LaPulgaM

    As much as I like it, I thought it was going to be more of a regular hatchback, bit cheaper then the rest of the fleet.

  • kano b

    I think it would be cooler if it was different. But it's just an X with smaller proportions

  • Asa Karon

    waittt... I just realized that's why people call tesla cars s3xy... 😣

  • anon777 X

    Thumbs up for Elon and Marques to hotbox the roadster together when it drops 🚗💨

  • SimplyPops

    @MKBHD I think you stole my beat from my friend at 2:02. Can you credit me and my music producer? Where do you get the beat?

  • Jacob Horton

    I mean the model S had an option for the 3rd row also

  • J SH

    I'm in Texas meaning I've seen one Tesla in my life.