Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica

  • Published on: 2019-02-10
  • welcome back everyone we have done videos now from every single corner of the planet almost every country in Europe all the states in North America I think we're slowly getting there but one place we haven't touched yet is Antarctica why is that is it because it's too cold well not anymore today we're going to change that my name is Danny Burke and this is the top 10 scary discoveries in Antarctica starting off number 10 now we have blood falls in 1911 scientists noticed something pretty horrifying around cliffs in Antarctica it looked like some of them were using blood it shocked the world what could possibly be producing these rivers of blood was that something hidden within the ice that we didn't know about something that could only exist in these hostile alien conditions of Antarctica at the time scientists believed it was being caused by algae discolouring the water the hypothesis was never verified though in 2017 the mystery was finally solved thanks to research by the University of Alaska Fairbanks the deep red coloring is due to oxidized iron in brine saltwater it's essentially the same process that makes iron go dark red when it rusts when the iron rich saltwater comes into contact with the oxygen on the surface the iron oxidizes and this colors the water and ice red I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief now that there isn't some hellish blood monster living under the Antarctic ice next one over 9 now we have the abandoned huts on November 1st 1911 British explorer Robert Falcon Scott departed from Cape Evans on his Terra Nova expedition trying to become the first human to reach the South Pole they made it to the South Pole but sadly they found they had been beaten to it by a group of Norwegians led by Amundsen the team faced unusually bad weather on their return journey and tragically died before they could even reach their Hut with all of their supplies the hut was used by another team in 1917 for after that it was abandoned for years it was slowly covered in ice and snow until 1956 when a US expeditionary party dug it out it was found to be in a remarkably well-preserved State the beds were as they left them so too were their scientific instruments canned food still sits on the shelves a London newspaper from that time is on one of the desks the frozen and dry environment of Antarctica have preserved a lot of things but decay does still occur there visitors to the discovery hurt the now century-old seal meat are smelling quite rancid and some people thought that the huts themselves are now affected by fungal decay moving on from eight now we have bacteria in 2008 scientists managed to revive bacterium extracted from Antarctic ice that was 8 million years old you heard me right 8 million years right away many people became concerned was this a danger it sounded a bit like a start of a Hollywood movie where the bacteria goes on to wipe out the whole of humanity the scientists assured the public though that there was nothing to worry about and that the bacteria was unlikely to cause human diseases you'll note that they said unlikely though it's not definitely impossible this bacteria is so old when it came into existence 8 million years ago the common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees was alive on the planet so how are these things still alive well Paul Falkowski of Rutgers University described the bacteria as having been in a suspended state of animation for 8 million years and that global warming melting glaciers could result in the release of more ancient organisms into the sea next one number 7 now we have the pyramid in November 2016 the internet was abuzz with talk of a pyramid that have been found buried in the Antarctic ice before you dismiss this as nonsense take a look at this picture yeah that does look a lot like a pyramid it was first discovered by the British Antarctic exploration of 1910 to 1913 they were stunned by its appearance and decided to name it the pyramid a name still used on geological surveys of the area it's located in the Ellsworth mountains which is arranged more than 400 kilometres long the pyramid is one of the peaks of this mountain range naturally you know I'm gonna say next many conspiracy theories stated that this is proof of an ancient civilization that lived on Antarctica before being consumed by the ice and their existence covered up by today's governments of course experts have dismissed all of this saying that pyramids are not a complicated shape and are not an uncommon appearance in nature what do you guys think next about number 6 now we have the lake lake vostok is one of the biggest legs on the planet if you've never heard of it don't worry that's probably because Lake Rostock is buried underneath more than 2 miles of ice in Antarctica it's been covered in ice for at least 15 million years but it's still liquid down there the crushing layer of ice from above and geothermal activity below have ensured that his presence was first suggested in the 1960s by a Russian pilot who noticed a large smooth patch of ice above the lake from the air radar experiments by British and Russian researchers in 1996 confirmed the lakes existence the lake is massive 143 miles long 31 miles wide and up to 2,000 625 feet deep in 2012 Russian scientists managed to successfully drill a hole down to the lakes water they believed that down there is microbial life that is unique from everything else here on earth having been isolated for 15 million years now the search begins next up number five now we have Allen hills 84001 in 1994 a team of US meteorite hunters discovered a Martian meteorite in Antarctica's ice it was only about 4.3 pounds but by 1996 it was causing quite a stir when a group of scientists claimed they had found evidence of microscopic life in the actual meteorite was this proof of life on Mars or at least that life used to be on Mars because they thought it was fossilized the media went into a frenzy either way even US President Bill Clinton gave a speech about it the hysteria was because the strange chained structures on that meteorite look like they could have been fossilized bacteria it was also the fact that the meteorite broke off from Mars about 17 million years ago during the time when Mars had liquid water on its surface and carbon dioxide in its atmosphere it seemed like life could have been around then eventually these claims were rejected though and the features of the meteorite were explained without requiring life to be present the meteorite now remains on display in a Smithsonian Museum of Natural History previously before now we have the dinosaur in February 2019 the fossil of a new species of reptile was announced they had been found by researchers in the Antarctic ice during a 2010-2011 expedition it's believed to be an early relative of dinosaurs who lived around taught to cope millions of years before the continent drifted to his position over the South Pole and became uninhabitable for most complex life forms around 250 million years ago Antarctica was covered in lush and rivers with many species of wildlife living there including reptiles the temperature is thought to have almost never dropped below freezing points the scientists named the iguana sized reptile and tactics shackle tawny Antarctic translates to Antarctic king shackle tawny is an honor of the Antarctic Explorer Ernest Shackleton moving up in luxury now we have patchy mats in June 2018 YouTube user Wow for real made a video showing his discovery of a 14-mile structure buried in Antarctica he made the discovery using Google Maps and described as a patchy mass that you could easily see from outer space he said he'd used Google Maps to search the entire continent before and had never found anything like this he even pointed out that there were strange brushstrokes over the mass which made him think someone was trying to cover this up it didn't take long before people started speculating about what was going on here the youtuber himself put forward the idea that if the brush effect was removed perhaps received some sort of giant UFO mothership buried in ice in all probability it's probably just a research facility but we still don't know for sure yet as this strange block still remains on Google Maps to this day you can even go and see it for yourself coming at number two now we have the wreckage in January 2013 three Canadian men took off on a plane from the amundsen-scott South Pole research station on route to an Italian research based in Terra Nova Bay at some point during the journey the emergency transmitter went out on a search party was sent out to find them bad weather hampered rescue efforts and after six days they finally found the plane but it was too late to save them it had crashed into one of Antarctica's highest mountains the rescue team were unable to get into the cockpit we're only able to retrieve some luggage after four hours there they determined it was too risky to stay any longer as the weather was taking a serious turn for the worse and they were afraid of an avalanche occurring it took nine months before another team set out during Antarctica's summer period to retrieve the frozen remains of the three Canadian men and finally little one now have endurance we talked about the Explorer Shackleton earlier well endurance was the name of the ship that he used to go to Antarctica in the first place the ship was abandoned by Shackleton and his team when she was crushed by ice in the Weddell Sea off Antarctica causing her to sink in the air since then there have been three expeditions that have tried and failed to locate endurance in 2018 that changed though a team at the Scott Polar Research Institute launched a new search using more sophisticated technology such as GPS and drones to help them see possible routes in the ice they also used an autonomous underwater vehicle the video you're watching right now was released in February 20 1999 cover in the incredible world of Antarctica and I think there's a lot more to uncover around the world in general where would you like us to go next we always do country videos but how about continent ones I could take all the scariest things in Europe and put them in one video or like scary theories about Asia you get the idea let me know thanks for watching as always guys my name is Danny Burke and I will see you all in the next one Oh
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