Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match... Finally


  • von bacala

    **James removes shirt** _-Grayson Dolan has entered the chat_

  • Selina Qiu

    Fenty is the best, Dior second. Nothing wrong with being fair

  • Kass

    Originally thought FENTY was your match but it oxidized too dark and orange

  • Kass

    I think too faced gives you a natural pinky tan glow very pretty and morphe is your perfect match. It fits best and makes you look young bright and fresh.

  • Eve Davis

    Who else agrees that he still looks amazing without makeup

  • Chandler Ripley

    Now you should do mixing all my Foundation colors into one into a full face of makeup with it

  • Sara

    I really hope ur tour falls down like tanacon

  • Sara

    I don’t trust you anymore and I don’t even want to watch u anymore

  • Abigail Plays and Vlogs

    James mah sister, r u ok? At the intro ur face was red :( *this is not a hate comment, just making sure a sister was fine*

  • Kellyann Gaboury

    I'd say Dior and Fenty were the best on your skin chest, neck AND face