Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match... Finally


  • Katarina Johannsen

    Love this idea! I love how you take (negative) feedback and turn it into something more positive and fun! To add an idea for your next video, you should do some like picking a random stranger/fan (preferably someone who looks like they wont kill you) then take them back to your house and do their make up and also get to know them. You can label it "Doing a strangers make up". It could be fun!

  • Sasha M

    Loved the Dior foundation but also the fenty was a good match ❤️

  • Ebony Burger

    I think the fenty beauty foundation was the best but if you think another matched better than go with your instinct(sorry for my spelling I’m not great at spelling company names)

  • Evana Blaco

    If you're Algerian, did you know that 1204$ is actually ktar men 20 melyoun bdrahemna ._.

  • Ella Sethi

    It’s so interesting looking at foundations on different people. Too faced nude is orange on my skin but looks good on James

  • masegonong .x

    sissss !! wtf ur foundation does match !! irdk what is ppl's issue with ur foundation bc after scrolling through ur ig and utube it all looks ok . ppl need to calm down lol ! 😂

  • Michelle Duff-McCracken

    Fenty by far. The upper three are still too warm-toned for you. The other two wash out your face too much. Welcome to the cool-toned dark side.


    This gives me nightmares

  • Britni Sonsky

    That Dior airflash matches beautifullyyy! I honestly like all the final 6 (except maybe milk). Don’t worry about it being a little pale at first, it needs to blend into your neck/chest. Everyone has a little bit of redness and hyperpigmentation in their skin which tricks ppl into thinking they’re tanner than they actually are. Bronzer and blush brings life back in the skin and make you look more balanced and natural! I always feel like a hard boiled egg before my bronzer haha 😂 it wasn’t until I started doing makeup on others and worked at ulta (doin a million color matches a day) til I truly learned how to match myself! I loved this video, and as always it was hilarious. Idk why people leave hate comments on something like shade match it’s not that serious. But I figured I’d add my 2 cents as to why people tend to mismatch themselves darker!

  • kiera lambert

    Well your face is a different colour from your face it's normal so only put it on your face it's normal some peoples face are natural lighter than there body and some people's face are darker than there body it's normal some people get it from tanning

  • emilyapril5097

    Fenty has the best match for me of any foundation I've ever tried which sucks because I hate the foundation. It's wayyy too dry for me and looks horrible on my skin. I've tried it with different primers and moisturizers underneath and get basically the same result. I can't wait until she comes out with a dewy foundation...I'm sure she will. I will buy that for sure!