49 killed in terror attack at New Zealand mosques


  • Mauli Ako

    Why don't these 2 (White Supremacist and Muslim terrorists) meet up show their gallantry and shoot each other instead of being a COWARD shooting innocent people? You know same thing happened to our Islands... Muslim terrorists came and bomb the catholic church the next day somebody came a blow also their Mosque...now both parties shot up.

  • Heleen Ghafour

    Why they should not go to the mosques this is there religion this is what they believe in like what the fuck does world want from the Muslims Muslims are not terrorists before you judge Muslims go and read Quran and find the difference between Muslims and the terrorists 😣 world becomes bloody just like what Hitler did to the Jewish peaple and it is so freaking sad, I think thank the 3rd world war is going to start 😳 EVERY HUMAN DESERVES TO BELIEVE IN THE RELIGION THAT THEY WANT SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH

  • Yusuf Siddiqui

    All goverments of all over the world should learn lesson and start appointing atleast 1 guard at religious places enve it is a Tample or Church or Mosque or any other place of worship to avoid any casulties again

  • MoodDoesGaming

    They are very lucky to die in a mosque. That's a ticket to heaven. I wish I die a death like them.