This Channel Is Changing!

  • Published on: 2019-01-10
  • - What up, everyone, it's your girl Lilly. (horse neighing) (air whooshing) What's going on 2019? And can I just say I am happy. I took a little bit of a breather you my team and I love you. Before I jump into this, I just wanna say that, you know, I always say fighting for your happiness and I wanna practice what I preach. And so, if you are in a funk and you wanna be happier, take a breather. Take time, focus on yourself, only amazing things will come from it. That is how I feel right now. what do I not like about creating? Let's try to make that list filled with as many things we do like for 2019. So here it goes. but I want to. You've been here, you're my family. There is no me without you, so we're in this together. that are gonna be happening in 2019. Let's get to it. Number one, the main channel. This channel right here, And so I don't feel that I can do that two times a week anymore. like it's such a big change even for me, it might be for you. I'm actually really excited about it. that really does inspire me and I'm super psyched about, not just kind of rushing them super proud of, that really excites me whenever I have a dope idea. so that's pretty frequently. But no schedule. Secure the bag, secure the bag.! Number two, the second Vlog channel. Not much is changing here. It's still gonna be dailyish. (clears throat) uploads unless something happens and I can't do one of those days and which I will communicate to you. Tuesday to Saturday will be my uploads. It's still gonna be about hustling harder. You know follow along on my journey with my new production company. I, of course, will still share with you. And I'm super stoked about it. Number three, Spice News. Okay, I'm still really weird this new year Spice News I'm gonna try my best to be doing every other week. For those of you that don't know and to make it just a little more special. Otherwise, not much is changing. I got going on, projects I'm working on, YouTube, off YouTube, all around. I wanna tell dope stories. I wanna put out stuff that I'm super proud of that excites me. drink some water, probably. and you focus on your happiness, the possibilities are endless, yah. inclusion, acceptance and love. to have an amazing 2019. And I especially appreciate your support through this evolution. This is the evolution of Lilly and I'm really stoked about it and I hope you are too. It's gonna be a great 2019 and I cannot wait. All right, y'all. Let's do it, one love, I'm gonna say Lilly. Lilly, that is a wrap and zoop.
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  • Rainbow Paddler

    Love you Lilly keep doing what you love and everyone will keep watching


    Why so many negative comments on this video, I genuinely don’t get it? 🥺

  • LifeOfAPrince

    Check my channel out, it would be greatly appreciated. I’m just starting this thing up!

  • Jas Kaur

    She's so fake! She won't have time cuz she's gonna be on NBC. Why lie? Tell the truth 🤔🤔🤔 plus she's a sellout. I liked her better when she was in Toronto making videos in her room-she was real and authentic. Now shes fake

  • u g h

    I think you meant “This Channel Is Dying”

  • ScrubzZ Slay


  • Angie Garcia

    bro, you are doing amazing no matter what so you do you, I love it either way.

  • AADDI Why

    You should do a “types of people who swear” like The pain swearer- people who only swear in pain Overcuser- the one that cusses on almost every sentence The toddler- even tho this kid is basically a toddler they cus SO MUCH The private- when this guys parents are around they are an ANGLE But when they look away this kid becomes the star of an R Rated movie No cus- this kid flat outs doesn’t like to cus others make fun of it but whatever The hot head- When you make this guy mad... Just don’t god please don’t There a literal F Bomb so don’t light the fuse You can change the names or not use them there just examples not sure if you can tell but I put a lot of effort into this even for a 12 year old

  • vernica kumar

    So she leaving the thing which gave her fame for other projects