Meet The Press Cold Open - SNL


  • Dimitar Belilov

    Kyle is bad. The guy is simply not on par with the rest of the cast.

  • Spicey Kentchup

    Well done SNL! And bravo to Kate staying in that long face throughout that skit!

  • Lauren Winders

    Kyle’s first ever “live from New York” I feel so proud

  • Mr. Gandalf

    If you are interested in Jeff Bezos's penis you are sick human being that should be eliminated from the herd.

  • Kelly Tolliver

    Pick carefully becouse if its to big it will fall over lmaooooo

  • Juliet Antonio

    Wilbur Ross is probably one of Kate McKinnon's most underrated SNL performances

  • agentalbert

    They could have just left Leslie completely out of this sketch and it would have been better. She adds nothing, she just brings it to a halt with every line.

  • Tb Thomas

    Does anyone, anywhere, think there was a single line in this bit that was actually funny? Why is this show still on the air? Try watching it again...then try to figure out what the audience is laughing at. And when I say 'audience', I think you know what I mean, right? (Or, maybe you Gen-XYZ geniuses actually dont...?)

  • Rick p

    NO ONE wants to meet FAKE NEWS, #WALKAWAY

  • ansahs ansah

    I goota say, the make up artists are really talented