Velvet Buzzsaw | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


  • ternitamas

    Jake Gyllenhaal and Toni Collette together, hell yeah I'm in!!

  • Samuel White

    I love it when trailers give a complete overview of the entire plot leaving only the very ending to the imagination

  • polidelia


  • Orthos3540

    The automatically generated subtitle says "Applause" at 2:06 :)

  • swevicki

    I knew this would be great the moment l saw Jake in the thumbnail, I was not wrong.

  • jj doom

    this is going to be bad and i'm calling it right now

  • Rabid Squirrel

    1:34 That’s weird. It’s the album cover for Metallica - Hardwired To Self-Destruct!

  • Mark Key

    Been a long time since something truly got under my skin. This looks divine.

  • Sage Emerald

    "People thought she was part of an exhibit. We're trending on Instagram, it's a major hit." That's the thesis for this movie; I fucking love it. The concept of an artist causing death, madness, suicide through their art is compelling to both artists, critics, and consumers. But especially for artists. What is more profound than weaponized creativity? Plenty of things, perhaps, but I would argue that it's in the top ten at least.