Can You REALLY Kick Out a Car Windshield?

  • Published on: 2019-02-10
  • this video is sponsored by dashlane in today's video we are going to be trying some methods of breaking out of a car in an emergency situation and then maybe just have some fun with it [Music] guys we are here at the junkyard and they gave us a car it's a not really brand new car I think at this point it's just like for scrap what it has all the windows attached and that is exactly what we need we're gonna be testing out a few common myths and ideas about how you can remove Windows if you were to like get the crash and then like all the doors don't open you got to get out of the car somehow we got to find out what the best way is we're gonna try so many different things but the first thing we've got to get in the car and we're gonna have a few basic tools with us some things that you would normally have in a car and then a few things that you just might not and something you might have if you were prepared for an emergency situation and some just for fun we are gonna be breaking glass at least hopefully and we don't want broken glass to be cutting us up so we need some levels of protection so we're both gonna have long sleeves she doesn't have it on yet but she will we're gonna be wearing thick leather gloves and we're both going to be wearing helmets glasses for the open face helmet just everything we can do to keep from getting cut in case some of the glass does follow us you can actually see right here it got on the ground this is kind of what car windows usually break into so it pebbles up so it's actually not as terribly dangerous the type of tempering that they do on car windows is it's different than some glass that you may have seen before but that doesn't mean we don't want to be safe here's the basic idea we've got a broken down car and you're gonna see how we can get out through the windows from inside the car seems a little extreme why not it's warmer in here I'm sure it is [Music] we call ourselves terrible Daft Punk it's because we're terrible at being Daft Punk so the first plan is if you're stuck in a car and you can't open the windows you can't technically kick out the windshield we want to see how hard that is to do window number one the big one now windshields aren't made of the same kind of glass as the side windows the side ones are designed to break into those little square pebbles that I was showing you the windshield is a triple-layer it's got glass on the outside glass on the inside and then in between those is like a sticky soft plastic that holds everything together and that's so if you get an accident it doesn't rain glass down on top of you so it's a little thicker and more durable but we're gonna see if we can kick through it this windshield already has a crack running through it we're hoping that has weakened it just a little bit but not completely destroyed it all right now Kali has also reclined her chair all the way and we're gonna assume that after the accident the reclining feature still works alright I'm going to try so the steering's gonna cause massive problems obviously for the driver but that's probably the person who's going to be doing this oh okay nice alright hang on I can do this I can totally do this you got this I'm gonna try more force with just one foot that's because I can't here's the main problem the steering wheels kind of getting your way huh it is and I'm hitting it with my toes if I could get my heel onto it it wouldn't be a problem I'm gonna try turning sideways alright that's try oh good hit at this point this is just like a matter of pride I know I can do it now [Applause] [Music] this looks like fun something to note any glass is strongest in the middle always go towards an edge or a corner bottom edge is best but I couldn't reach that all right you can break it keep going we are covered in glasses you know yep okay I wouldn't normally recommend this but I uncovered had to tell break off I can't get my helmet through that oh don't don't go out yet I can do it it's gonna get your neck no I'm stuck [Music] whoa that's tough can you kick out a car windshield in an emergency situation if you can recline your seat the answer is yes I'm sure it's possible even if you can't recline your seat it'd just be a lot harder yeah that took an immense amount of pressure it is possible like we said people you saw how much time and effort that took we're already out of breath so it's probably not the best method if it was your only option you can do it but if you're woozy if you've had a head injury or if you're just shaken up from being in a wreck you might want to have an easier option if there is one by now all right next thing we're gonna test is see if we can get through this driver's side window I've never tried this before but here's the idea we're gonna see if we can use the buckle on our seat belt as an impact tool that can break through that glass so I'm gonna try and just pull the seat belt out as much as I can I'm gonna hold this with gloves on and I'm gonna see if I can just smash through the window using the metal buckle I don't know how this is gonna work in theory it's easier to break these windows near the edge of the window so I'm I'm gonna try and aim for sort of out the edge just you know trying not to hit the frame here but I'll just aim for up there at the edge of the window see if I'm able to get it crap I'm in it now you got to crawl out knock it out of the frame don't put your neither whoo you did it that's cool and it's not what I expected holding that buckle I didn't feel like I was able to hit it very hard didn't have a lot of force we're just pulling the seat belt out all the way and swinging it kind of like a flail or something it caught at the right spot the right angle the right speed I guess whatever it was that it needed that works so just taking the buckle and swinging at the window probably saw it took me multiple tries didn't go right at first but it broke I worked pretty well actually that was way easier than kicking out the windshield so while we are finding ways to break out of a car we definitely don't want people breaking into our online accounts I don't know about you but I get super nervous about my online security so my passwords are very very complicated but it's really hard for me to remember all of them so I use - lame - lame is amazing because I can have all of my passwords saved secured in one place and not rely I really like to online shop and things like that I don't have to worry about passwords or anything it's all safe in one place not only on my computer but on my phone it's connected throughout all my devices - Lane creates a new password every time you use one it's not rehashing the same password for everything you used it's creating this collection of like letters and numbers and special symbols as well so it's just a combination of pretty much everything you got on the keyboard it's about as secure as a password can possibly get there's long and frankly the 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subscription by using the code random - Lang keeps people from breaking into your computer now let's go break out of a car so hoping I'm as good at this is neatest he used the seatbelt buckle I'm gonna try it with the screwdriver now maybe not everybody carries a screwdriver in their car I do just in case but I've heard that if you take one of these you put it into the rubber and you torque it you should be able to spiderweb and crack the glass and then maybe be able to punch it out so that's my goal [Music] I don't about braking but you're removing it well it exploded so in that case I think the flexibility of the glass was actually like a downside to be able to push against it you had to find a spot that didn't move but once you got to that spot yeah that was surprisingly flexible tips for survival situation if you are in the car yes you can pop out the corners but you've got to find the place my best bet here was finding a place where it wasn't gonna give it was too rigid it was it had too much holding it in place and because of that because there's no flexibility the whole thing shattered next thing we're gonna try this is a punch it's usually used for making a mark on a piece of metal when you're trying to drill a hole when you compress this down it compresses a spring and when it goes far enough it hits back really hard and so this is like a hardened metal tip and we're gonna see I've heard that you can just carry these in the glove compartment and then you can just press this against the glass push until it goes and it should pop the window we'll see if it works that was super easy [Music] now I'm gonna do this one that thing works really well you better prove it try one work that's really easy to get through the glass with that mark you wanna try harder [Music] very easy it's so good okay guys now we're just doing this for fun [Music] thanks again to dashlane for sponsoring today's video car security is one thing computer security is another guys that's not all we've always got more for you to see this box up here at the top will take you to our latest video and that box through the bottom is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next hit that bum in the middle to subscribe so you never miss out on the fun don't forget to reading that Bell and we'll see in the next one talk to you then
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