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  • Published on: 2019-03-14
  • welcome to Shaggs edition of Smuttynose winds I feel like snotty people oh hey what's going on everybody for first we feast I'm Sean Evans and you're watching hot ones it's the show with hot questions and even hotter wings and by popular demand we're joined today by Shaquille O'Neal he's one of the most dominant players in NBA history you can catch him as the analyst on TNT's Emmy award-winning inside the NBA and if all that weren't enough he's also a globally recognized DJ sensation bringing Shaq's funhaus to Miami Music Fest on March 29th Shaquille O'Neal welcome to the show I'm a big fan of your show and I know your stuff is hot I don't trust you so I brought my own milk you brought your own Jack you have a bromo know you know just like everyone else I saw your one chip challenge so I have an idea but I do have to ask how are you at spicy food I don't eat spicy food however I got embarrassed about because I promised I wouldn't make a face on eating those wings I'm guaranteed I miss you I will not make a face [Music] let's take a little back mm-hmm like that I really take a bike say you're one of the most accomplished players in NBA history you could probably do a whole episode around your Hall of Fame career do you remember the first time you ever smashed a backboard into a thousand pieces in high school in San Antonio Texas but it was a cheap dunk I couldn't dunk to my senior year so my junior year we used to jump off what they call Apple boxes yeah we have some nice to put an Apple box and imagine that I was in the NBA so one day I ran and took off and I hung on the rim and it broke and the glass shatter and we ran out the next day the gym teacher came right to me and said I know you broke the back door he says you know what if you break a real back boy next year when you start on varsity I won't be upset so every time I got in the game I've seen yeah we're trying to Doug and oh and then one game in my senior year broke it take that one down and I ran through the gym coach and he gave me up finally you did an amazing sit-down interview with Kobe Bryant last year were you two reconciled some of your differences what was the most of you know we never had any differences you know people need to understand that in a relationship that's gonna be some talk tour more mm-hmm but when you don't have respect the incomes of differences we always have respect we just have a difference of opinion problems would be us winning no championships at all that's hanging out of for me like I always told people like even though we had our differences it's not like I'm gonna see him at a restaurant eating and then be like give me this chicken wing give me the second chicken wing little Kobe and I'm biting through it more as always my respect so working it we're gonna work [Music] this will go louder I'm not gonna make a face we're allowed to drink water I can't if you actually I'm not because water's gonna activate it uh-huh you trying to trick me but that's what happened on TNT when I bit into that Ghost Pepper shit I was fine but I got caught but is the water on yeah yeah so the water activated so I'm not gonna let nothing activate attack so there's a lot of debate about which NBA players can actually wrap from Iman Shumpert to Allen Iverson to Damian Lillard and I'm curious is the only player to actually land a recording deal with a major label which mba players would you allow in your cypher not funny would allow all of them I never wanted a album deal our senior ha asked me to come on the show and I was introducing the world to she killed it I was like you know I don't want to come on your show and just be in the suit flashing money and talking about what I'm gonna do it want to be different I said so I'll do your interview but afterwards you gotta let me wrap up my favorite rap group so for me it was just a dream a rapping my favorite rap group so I did it here's the clip right here check it out so after that you know the next day people call them and say hey we want to only give you a three-album deal ten million dollars never gonna turn that down y'all get me all my favorite people that I want to rap with be part of completing my dreams and it'll work also I realized when you go platinum I made one or two million that's not enough money for me so I was like you know this is fun but I don't I don't want to be a rapper I just want to have fun doing it just like DJing I don't want to be the greatest DJ no or I want to go out and get that that feeling of a game seven and you see all those people that paid all that money to watch you perform I got to give them a show give me the ball I see some kids out there jumping they want me to score that's what it's all about from it's just you know all about just basically having fun and then in addition to your own platinum records you've been named checked by some of the biggest rappers ever from biggie to Lil Wayne to 50 cent do you have a favorite Shaq lyric I'm slamming like Shaquille monitors because I can say but she can't say whoa I'm America normal Gottman ah which one of this right there pepper garlic grapefruit onions and carrots still no place so you've established yourself as something of a financial guru for a lot of younger players but is it true that you blew a million dollars within 45 minutes of signing with the magic in 92 yeah that's true what do you buy I bought a black 600 sec Mercedes because because one thing I forgot about is FICA no fuckers didn't know about the taxes yeah yeah I didn't even know if I could wash so and then I had no negotiating skills like I probably could have got the card out on 120 but the guys like get a 1 1 138a each rub equal out to 150 I'll take it black on with the wheels had to pull out I had to pull out Alpine deck remember that no one's you pull out with another case so I pull up to my dad's house and he said where's mine that so I'm like in my mind a man - 150 I got 850 left I'm just doing rich so I go buy him one my mom almost I got hurt a little one it was about a hundred so I was left with about six hundred so then after you know we're showing off our car loss - I'll be back go to the mall nice little Rolex honey some earrings on it give me a four finger ring 150 give me some shoes give me a couple of suits hit my boys off with a couple of stacks you know and I got a call from the president of the Bank on the army base in the next days I get 50,000 and hold I was like nah you're you're wrong cuz in my mind I felt I had a million but then when I we went and looked at the paperwork so I was 40,000 all because I was just writing checks like crazy and my parents have I always raised me using scare tactics because 75% of all professional athletes when they're done five years after they don't have nothing and they didn't want me to be like that so I had to hire a business manager and it was a great lesson I have six children and I wanted them to respect more than just having their daddy a check but when I come into the parent to teacher meetings and they call me dr. O'Neill gets me hard but not this hard that's hard just you know the hard so I'll just he's out of respect of course your daddy Shaq and he did a lot but five also has a doctorate father also owns businesses your father's also very respectful he's very charitable want them to see me as more than just a retired great basketball player [Music] this was a walk by Thea ah which one this one chief of gold [Music] come on up I don't out by me mom they're still not making a face the hope still holding scrubber so the mythology around you is so enormous that the only way to get to the truth is to fact-check the legend himself so here I'll hit you with some larger-than-life Shaq home and you just tell me if it's truth or fiction okay is it true that you once saved Carlos Mencia life when he was getting savagely heckled by dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg at a comedy show yeah yeah he did a joke those open the board a knife and it was getting ready to check him so I just you know get out the back door fact or fiction you used to have police lights on your truck and you want to talk holdover Darius miles on the freeway made him bleed for Clippers practice I don't remember that cuz if I wasn't working that day I get in trouble so I'm just from an inspection I refuse to answer any questions on the grounds that it may incriminate me is it true that you have the record for the largest singular purchase and Walmart in history that's true I got traded from Miami to Phoenix and I had an apartment that I got in one day was the reburial nice apartment but why I shop I don't shop I already know what I want when I go there and I just go get it so if I gotta get towels I'm just off BuChE BuChE BuChE 30 times 30 little towels I need pots pads grab it what got me was two TVs for that order about six TVs that's what got me I'll catch up with ya 70 grand switch to something though did you give Paul Pierce's nickname the truth yes I don't look at scouting report because it don't matter because every time I go play against a player here my new list of barbecue chicken laughs at that's where I'm going any player got coming foot uncle aqua how fools you are going boy no I'm gonna I just took her back or double glazed over no face no face we play he was doing work again no you know what these killers do - is it true that you gave in sync their first big break by having them record in your home studio after you saw him perform the national anthem at an Orlando Magic was one of my worst music career mistakes ever I could assign them in that actually boys I think I love him record must to you or for a dollar but I just didn't understand our music and my biggest mistakes not any better the Starbucks not sound an NSYNC and Backstreet Boys [Music] we're on five shacks on six working ahead but we have a recurring segment on our show called explain that grammar into a deep dive on our guests Instagram pull interesting pictures that need more context so I'll bust out the laptop I'll show you the picture you just tell me the bigger story does that sound well you could chill on that if you want oh you want me to wait I'm moving too fast for you a little high high I'm trying to keep up I'm on my heels I still haven't made a face America all right check first things first America should drink some water or not it activates it take a look what's going on here looks like you're hoisting Gronk yeah Gronk is the strongest white dude I've ever felt it's not felt when you take me back Greg give the strongest way guy I've ever picked up he's very strong he likes to party I like to party and this is my first shax when I was in Miami it was cool until he started doing pelvic thrusts behind my head I give you hosted by the oven they don't move as cool but once they start doing you know the pelvic thrusts I had I had to put him down you had to come down Yao Ming is the same size as my favorite convenience store 7-eleven yes he's really saying he likes to say he's seven six bullshit can I say bullshit and let a fight he's way up there oh my god he's and he just Dwarfs me so every time I see him I gotta take a picture it's that's in Shanghai every time I go to China I reach out to him he does funny story I kind of got in trouble for this right I wasn't bit like they used to were racist but that was far from that so when I was growing up all the Chinese movies were like this you want me to eat your hot wing they were like that yeah so I was just trying to I was just trying to you know have some fun yeah me you dare come to the US and you want to battle a check so I was doing stuff like that so my father got really upset and you say you shouldn't do that when I said why I'm just he said because of when young man was young he used to write me letters well that man who's keeping idolize you I didn't want to tell you but even I lied you can write letters show them a little bit more I was just you know I'm just trying to you know I'm Shaq full and I'm from over so but people you know they actually you know took it the wrong way but my father was very upset he said you need to show it young then so when I got home these two send me Christmas cards yeah you guys have a close relationship yeah so every time I go to China I just traveler you know reach out to him do you remember giving me a smooch that was you on the top of the head I'm gonna recognize you it was you this is at the Super Bowl a few years ago best where you tried to shoot you up with the beer trying to come here and tell me your names America he told me he was Justin Timberlake he said the email is that Justin Timberlake when I interviewed I have a confession yes these wings were not cold they're hot I'm sweating and my boys are sweating that's how high there and if you figure out what my boys are [Music] we'll go your double loco hello hey kid out of Hawaii almost metal face on my face God darn mm-hmm this is the one that I'm scared of the next one panic get the scare of it so as we touch down in your intro inside the NBA it's won nine Emmy Awards and I'm sure I'm not alone and thinking that it's the best sports show on TV how is your attitude towards the sports press shifted since becoming an analyst like are you more sympathetic to the sports media now than you were during your playing days no I realized that everyone has a job to do being in the game for a long time I could tell this being personal and who's not I have the abilities and when I hear criticism I've turned off being a Shaq for a while and then my intelligence kicks in like Shaq's a great player but so then I'm just focused on the buck I am a great player but they're right I'm only shooting 45% from the free-throw line so there's some validity here when he said that and I turned to Shaq but I won't be upset I want to do a thought exercise I want you to think about if Twitter and Instagram existed when you were in the NBA would that be good for Shaq or would that be bad for sure it'll be both I always say what's on my mind and sometimes you have to be politically correct sometimes I am sometimes I'm not but as far as advertisement market I definitely would have been a trillionaire by now well also we've got into some trouble you know I always tell people fishing on doing speeches yeah I'm Shaq I'm nice but don't put anybody on a pedestal Shaq you ready to move on waiting on you Timberlake which one's the garlic reap results the garlic reaper [Music] my boys are sweating real bad oh you tricked me oh my knuckle make a face off assistants retiring from the MBA launched the second career in law what was men working working as a reserved officer in several cities and then even last year becoming an honorary deputy and Clayton more general Ubu what advice do you have for talking your way out of a speeding ticket until I make my face look I don't talk my way out of speeding tickets because Lisa I was just have it hard and people have it hard if he pulled me over I probably did it and this comes from being raised by a drill sergeant you show every man respect you sure every woman respect so when I get pulled over yes sir no sir I have to have a badge but I don't flash it and I do something wrong you were speed my bad I apologize they give me a ticket take it have a great day be safe that's what it's all about ain't about I'm missing that you got time for that because most people have jobs to do also right most people are under a lot of stress I ain't trying to get blown away and then you made some noise about possibly running for sheriff in 2020 module of 2024 2024 I think I spoke too early cuz I got a lot going on and when I become sheriff I want to be there for the people but right now DJ and doing it like I can't I know I don't want to be I don't want to be that guy I thought I thought this was hot it was nothing over I over exaggerated the bomb beyond insanity hot sauce [Music] will you be getting all this stuff wrong that's from Kansas Kansas doll auditor the hot wings [Music] Kansas Oh apologize guys it's time to reach for that jug you got to meet you oh just forgot me God all right jack oh you are Shakti deniable what are the green eyes of our era but with the proliferation of the internet and camera phones there's so much more than what's just on the NBA or ESPN so what we're going to do is show you some of the great internet best of the worst basketball clips and I just want you to react to what you're seeing how you doing Shaq all right all right Shaq does this take you back emotion around does this take you back to your high school days that's exactly what all right next [Music] [Applause] [Music] got some ice cube chapstick my lips I'll do we have ice cube chapstick do we have a napkin oh you miss my eyes I saw going in with the ice and then one more for you is this I'm out of wine move by this guy [Music] so let me rub alone won't be no no I think if you can handle this you can handle any hot sauce in the world shot got a pan on the crack you saw how did as much look at that pattern in see this year's coming up one time I ate something hot I'm that close to tolerance so I drunk some milk I went to the bathroom the chemistry there we have a boo-boo or force now I can't say yeah so you listen with your boo-boo two free-throws yeah yeah it was coming out so hard I had to read Peugeot ah boo boo 140 last one guys to last - we're almost there chef this is hell fire fear this diffidence of milk is gone go for it give that a wash I don't know if that's gonna make things better or worse but we'll find out now all right jack we've touched on many aspects of your multi-pronged career but you can go down so many raveloe rows all that you've touched outside the court and inside the court is one of the most pedigreed practical jokers what's the best prank you've ever pulled on Charles Barkley welcome to Shaggs edition of smiting those wins I feel like snotty Pippin appearing in with can't tell you what Charles doesn't like to around to answer the time we put some extra lotion and Vesely inside of slacks when they pulled Robert and fell wet down there one of the most underrated shows of all time is Shaq vs. where you take on other athletes in their own sports were you more proud of your performance boxing Oscar De La Hoya or swimming against Michael Phelps next woman is Michael Kaplan I said home last TV when I said I could be like deal I can't VP we like that's bad that's just that I was just a guy in me if I could do that I could do it but every guy does it right so I was like okay you give me an advantage I think I could beat most of these great athletes and crazy the only guy I beat was Charles Barkley and golf yeah remember that clip you know here it is right here I'm gonna leave that I don't rush it all right check this is the last day a blow up yeah I'll follow this Pamela fan out get a shackle why'd you say that yeah new to napkins if you make that they're not either we're putting a wager on this one I'll lead it regardless no you gotta make it I'll eat it regardless so I'll put a little extra on the last wing Schoenberger where's my where's that ball right here no we need you okay okay wait it's too close you see this camera guy all right yeah I'm ready cool you know the show [Music] yes all right check you don't have to eat thank you I'll eat ducked it but the fans down will them L a bit of the bed it's on you oh you know what check we still have one more hurdle to dunk on before we get you out of here and you know you've won an MVP you've won four NBA championships even a gold medal now I'm not the world's best free-throw but you also have that record for the most attempted free throws with none made in a game so there's no true 11 which a moon I wonder if all of them yeah live in December December 8th 2011 women who feel it's true that's true it but what we're gonna do is go against each other and a free-throw shooter now it's not just me it's gonna be best of five wait you know yes sir no lovely we have to either Shaq saw swing you never heard of the Shaq sauce no there's a full education right now Eric sauce is all these sauces to buy all right whoever loses why do I have because they're going to eat this cuz it's the checks I wasn't even you I made my face let's call the Shaq sauce all the sauces combined this is disgusting well now it's beautiful all right Burt hippie-dippie green and then a little classic to boot now here's the situation we're having a free throw no you have to eat that then I'll have the free throw don't go shit you do all right but let's something let's put something at stake for the free throw off okay let's do it if you beat me I'll put $5.00 is your favorite charity IRC nurse Lee all right deal not make a face well you know you got to eat the whole thing buddy I don't know if I can not smells great it's called the shack sauce you got it go go go everyone not making a face all right that's good you might this is a hot yeah it's very fucking hot no milk oh just shakes off all these sauces come on oh oh all right best-of-five I'm a very gracious host do you want to go first you want me to go first just a girl up there so far I'll go for prayer from behind the chair good five shots on the chair ready ready one step behind the chair you need to clarify your rule you never end again rim winery's out well sir behind the chair wolf before the black stuff curry [Music] I was closing on this one all right baby all right you miss them good so there's still a chance four out of five from Shack big money on the line behind the chair a lot at stake one Thank You chef very generous of you [Music] start - four three - four three so we can tie three four four Oh last one off bouncing back pressure on the line [Music] Neuer goals more wings that was your bed ready in another you said yak America and they said that's what you said Jack what a run it's been and now there's nothing left to do but roll out the red carpet for you my man this camera this camera at this camera let the people know what you have going on in your life this is Shaq tickets on sale now Shaq's funhouse Miami don't want to miss it you already had two and they were outstanding you don't want to know milk for you you don't want to miss it we will have Shaq's all swings their show hot wings show whether you got hot wings [Laughter] listen the Shaq sauce this was the house more I already got to take a shit there's a fucking ghost rubber peeper shit I don't know I got a shit already and I have been drinking milk my mother gonna take a shit right now right in the studio all right we done hey what's going on everybody this is Sean Evans checking in to say thank you so much what's up spice Lords camera guy bill here I just couldn't get enough of this glitz and glamour so I came back to tell you if you want to buy some official hot ones merchandise go to shop dot first we feast calm if you're lazy you can just click one of these t-shirts down there this is camera guy bill here saying it's good to be camera guy built [Music]
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