Dark & Relaxing Hand Movements for Sleep | 60fps ASMR


  • Gibi ASMR

    Ayy we're on trending! Welcome to my ASMR channel! ^_^ You can find out what ASMR is here in this corny yet educational video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFqbWwKg_o4

  • Gir The Gamer14

    15:33 Gibi: *Sprays Imaginary spray bottle* Vietnam War Veterans: *starts to have Vietnam flashbacks*

  • Abdurrahman K.

    This is the best if you just new how much I'm relaxed know I slept for 15 min but I woke up to study . Pleaaase do a nother one like this

  • Godisangry

    I've been watching asmr videos for 10 years and i'm only now discovering that hand movements are my jam.

  • Lordina Boukhers

    Gibi: “good” Me: oh thank you very much Gibi: “good” Me: why thank you Gibi: “good” Me: *looks around*... are you talking to me? Gibi: “good” Me: ya... i dont think shes talking to me.. 😂

  • Lordina Boukhers

    Am i the only one who actually replies when she speaks to me?!😂❤️❤️❤️😂

  • Nicolas Davis

    Me: mom can I go to a sleepover at my friends house Mom: 3:40

  • Wolfie 3267

    At 4:28 I’m A Rebellious Child At Looked The Opposite Thing

  • stephanie batyong hansen

    This is literally my favorite video it really helps stop my anxiety attaks before they get really bad. <3