Low Fat vs. Regular Chips Taste Test

  • Published on: 2019-01-09
  • - Let's talk about that. (funky electronic music) (fire crackling) - Good Mythical Morning. Columbus, or DC in April. Go to rhettandlinklive.com where you'll find all the details. But now, potato chips. (potato smacks on floor) which is why healthy chips are so amazing. - You disrespected that potato. - I just mashed it. - Okay you said amazing but it's actually, they're amazingly disappointing usually. But I'm not gonna give up hope entirely their profits and fancy snack scientists to replace it in my snack regimen. Low Fat Chips Edition. and then determine is this good enough or ugh, that is rough. and I got the regular here. That's the same amount of fat. - And that is important to some people. - The same number of ounces of the baked, I would have to, and then eat those so as you're evaluating is it worth it, think about a 25 minute jog. - Is it good enough to save 25 minute, and I suggest we start with these it's just are these good enough? Very crunchy. - I mean I'm having a good time. I'm not complaining. is severely compromised. - I actually don't even taste potato, - Well let's taste the real thing. Oh, why's it so good? - This tastes, those are the best ones, it's not just that it tastes fattier, except for crunch is better. - Typically you don't eat a whole bag. - I literally hit the side of my face. - Your body doesn't want this. - This won't even go in my mouth! Ugh! - Just put this into perspective. you'd have to jog for four minutes. That's like getting the mail if you have a really long driveway. Really, really long driveway, or you're just jogging real slow. a 12 minute jog, a four minute job. - Okay. - [Rhett] So we're saying-- - [Link] That'll be a disappointment. - [Rhett] Reduced fat Baked Ruffles are-- - [Rhett and Link] Ugh, that's rough. 25% less fat. which is the calculations we made, if you ate a serving of roughly 15 chips, eat the whole can like-- - Okay let's eat first and then we'll play - It tastes like an old Pringle. - They do not have the crunch. I'm gonna try that. I think if I just isolate the crunch. - It's not a huge difference. - It's slightly different, mixed 'em up, you might not know. - The more I eat and go back and forth, the more they blend together. - Let's play two minutes of ping pong now. - I got a pink ball. (objects clatter) Oh, there goes the, all right. - We gotta do this for 27 minutes. (objects clattering) Oh gosh, I just lost the... (chuckles) What's happening? - This is a specially intense ping pong. Where did the can go? - [Rhett] Reduced Fat Pringles-- - [Rhett and Link] Good enough. - Okay now we've got Lays Barbecue chips versus Lays Lightly Salted Barbecue chips. - Mm-hm, 50% less sodium, so again, we're not working with fat now is limiting that sodium intake. you would get 1200 milligrams of sodium, - And this is half of that. - That is half of that so 600. if somebody handed you one of those? - No, I would think that's a good-- Now I'm gonna try this one. - But it's not life-changing. That's still good. of water a day, Link. - Always stay hydrated. That's my Neal family motto. then you can make up the sodium difference 'cause you're diluting the salt. It's called the dilution of salt-- - All right. - With pleasure. - It's almost too salty. - Ah. - Yeah, me too, this is good enough. Ugh. - You got one and a half down? - It's just, I already know. This is good enough, man. part of this because I think this is easy. Lightly Salted Barbecue Lays-- - [Rhett and Link] Good enough! 40% reduced fat counterpart. - That's a lot of folding. I know how much you hate laundry, Rhett. - The folding part is the worst. - That is a crunchy chip. The kettle process is just amazing. of the crunch but the size of the chips are always too small. They don't ever get big. that doesn't help us out. Oh. how to fold stuff. Of course, I don't usually fold a Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club jacket. - [Link] I usually hang this up. What is this, a blue-- - Don't worry about that. - I hang those up, man. But it's not bad. - Underwear, I don't fold those either. I just kinda throw 'em in a drawer. - I hate doing laundry. I just throw everything in the drawer Y'all know about that wrinkle release? You seen that stuff? It's like magic. - As much as I love folding laundry-- - I constantly smell like it. - These are definitely good enough. - Okay so Cape Cod Reduced Fat Chips-- - [Rhett and Link] Good enough! versus the reduced fat version. so we can only evaluate if you were to do a serving versus a serving. to make up the difference, okay? - Well, oh. So if you just do this. - Or if you need to be good at it. - If you just do this for five minutes, Now let's try 'em, let's taste it. Now that we know what that feels like. - That is a-- - It doesn't taste like a Dorito. - Doesn't at all. it's weird how the chip itself, I would think I'd gotten a off-brand. - Oh my gosh. Night and day. You throw them away. They are horrible. I mean, bring it on, bring on the workout, 'cause they're airy, they've got bubbles. the crunch is better, - Very, very simple. Spicy Sweet Chili Reduced Fat Doritos. - [Rhett and Link] Ugh, that's rough. I think the best tasting one was the Lightly Salted Barbecue Lays. - [Link] Right there. - Those are definitely good enough. Those in my mind may actually be better than the original, so, there you have it. Try those, don't try these. - You know what time it is. - And I'm Chelsea! - And we're on Potato Chip Rock. (blowing kazoos) - Don't jump up and down! Get off of the freakin' rock! (Link whimpers) - No one wins with that. - Click the top link to watch us try the weirdest health chips on the market - And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land.
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  • NigOnPig

    " You disrespected, that potato.... So hard...."

  • Rio Rogers

    “It taste like a Pringle that has lost something.” Haven’t they all?!

  • robbie smith

    I would take baked potato chips over original anyway I like the taste better

  • theseinstrumentals

    sugar is bad for you. low fat foods are unnecessary and brought to you by the strongarm of sugar companies. you're not better off with low fat.

  • Parker Lovett

    I feel like ruffles baked chips and ruffles regular is a bad comparison. They are two totally different chips and the baked chips aren’t the “low fat” version on ruffles. It’s just a different type of chip.

  • Nick Wu

    It’s not fat we should be cutting out of our diets, it’s sugary foods

  • Myranda Rose

    I love baked lays chips more than the regular ones. The baked ones are crunchier, saltier, and taste so good.

  • Ally Rose

    The baked cheddar ruffles are honestly the only good ones