What Do You Call a Watermelon if it Doesn’t Have Any Water?

  • Published on: 2019-03-15
  • in today's video we're gonna try freeze drying water by far the most requested things watermelon water and dry ice [Music] [Applause] guys we've had a few videos in the past using our harvest right freeze dryer that's a very interesting machine it cools stuff down pulls a vacuum and then warms it up just a little bit as it warms up all of the frozen water inside the food sublimates turns into a vapor and gets pulled out it extracts all of the water from the food without it ending up soggy or mushy or anything like that and in those videos we have had so many requests for things to freeze dry and by far the most common three have been watermelon dry ice and water you want to see what's left when we extract all of the water out of water well we're gonna try it this is just about one week's worth of asking for water dry ice or watermelon if I didn't miss any there's a lot here's the basic idea we're gonna make some dry ice some sliced watermelon and some water in a few different ways we're going to put them in our freeze dryer and we're gonna see what's left after we let it run well I don't know exactly what's gonna happen if we freeze dry these things and so we're gonna try it we've got ourselves a watermelon we've got some dry ice and then of course we have water and we're not just gonna put a cup of water in we're actually gonna do a few different varieties of all of these now for the watermelon this is supposed to work best sliced into thin slices and then frozen before we put it into the freezer so that's what we're gonna do with the watermelon with the water we're gonna have a few varieties of pre frozen and not pre frozen we're going to have tap water we're going to use salt water and then we're also going to use distilled water that should be water that has all of the impurities taken out so it's just hydrogen and oxygen combined with nothing else in there along with the three types of water we're also going to try some juice ingredients are water cane sugar and juices so we're gonna try a little bit of this as well and see what we get dry ice is dry ice and I don't think it's gonna change a whole lot no matter what we do with it so we're gonna take a piece of that we're gonna put that in as well I should also say that we're gonna do something a little bit different with the freeze dryer and that's that we're gonna take our dry ice we're gonna put it in but we're gonna modify how the pump runs because the dry ice is going to expand a lot before the freeze dryer kicks in with it's vacuuming and we don't want to build up pressure in side the freeze-dried so we're gonna have it set up with the vacuum running the entire time I've been assured by the wonderful people at harvest right that that is going to work and should not mess anything up but it may be a little bit interesting with some of the other liquids that are going to be in the machine at the same time all right let's take our dry ice our lemonade both frozen and frozen are three varieties of water frozen and unfrozen and then our frozen fruit mostly we've got watermelon there's also just a little bit of cantaloupe in there too to see how that turns out [Music] [Music] guys the spy scope kits are out in available mail they come with everything you need to build your cell phone spy scope works as a microscope so you get all the parts in this way you don't have to go to like several different stores trying to find everything so you don't end up with anything extra however you do get some really fun slides you can make your own slides and you can also get some of these bonus slides that have hidden codes on them once you find all the letters you can unscramble them to reveal the secret code and that will unlock something very special guys these are awesome click the link in the description below to get yours now guys it's been about 24 hours our ice our Juice our melon and our driest have all been in the freeze dryer this whole time let's see what's happened to them well looking in so a few observations before I even open this so this is still vacuum sealed right now it's under fairly low pressure there were a couple pieces of dry ice I had right here in between this mold and the slices of watermelon so just right there on the paper towel they were two chunks of dry ice about the size of a deck of cards and those are just gone and I did watch a little bit as this was going and those just dissipated away into nothing which is what we'd expect it's dry ice it sublimates away and even though this did get pretty cold it's not down to the temperature that prevents dry ice from sublimating and then the lower pressure probably just helps play that away as well I can also see that our six trays that had the raspberry lemonade in them those heart shapes go still appear to be full of substance and then looking back beyond that I can see where we had our distilled water our tap water or salt water those three trays seemed to be showing something pretty interesting different levels of the content so let's open this up and see what we've got [Music] and it's interesting looking watermelon let's take a look at the watermelon first so I should explain that I didn't actually put the watermelon in in the best way because we didn't have this in contact with the heating element laying flat it didn't all sublimate out at the same rate it pulled a little bit out of the rind and the sides where it was leaning up against the heating pads in the side of her box that heated up as well but we do still have this little frozen section down at the bottom if we done it all correctly it'd probably be more like this top part but let's see what this does so Waterman of course normally is very squishy spine it's like a soaking wet sponge and now this just snapped right off like a dry styrofoam material see how light and porous that is I'm just gonna squish it I bet this just powder eyes right here go on watermelon dust right there Cheers [Music] Wow that's actually a very concentrated watermelon flavor I was kind of wondering to it end up being a little bit weak or something but it's not it really tastes very strongly of watermelon I'm going to get a cup of water and dip this piece of watermelon into it see the dose [Music] the texture has changed a little bit the outside is like a little bit slippery earth been a normal watermelon slice would be but it's still very identifiable you'd be like oh it's kind of a baby piece of water moments been sitting out for an hour but that piece had not been in there long enough to fully reconstitute and so it's like watermelon the outside with a little crunchy layer in between the interesting snack I like that we've got some pieces of cantaloupe here you can hear how lightweight and rigid that is which is really good I want to say not usually a very good fan of cantaloupe I like that quite a bit really really light and fluffy good crunch to it lunch it's lovely pretty good all right same thing you take one of these pieces cantaloupe throw it in the water [Music] I was not a fan of that texture it seemed a little bit extra hard on the outside which is kind of interesting because just the freeze-dried versions super soft and powdery this is our raspberry lemonade here and these are our three types of water so if got things labeled with the little March those are the ones that were already frozen and then these three are the ones that were not frozen this was just this went in as juice over here on this side this is the liquid side and this is the frozen side marked with a melon M this was the salt then the tap water and then the distilled water so the one that was frozen well mostly frozen the salt water did not freeze 100% what this is like baking soda consistency it's super super light and puffy like this is not grains of crystallized salt this is just powder that seriously just looks like powdered sugar all right here taste this yeah that's remarkably salty something else that's really interesting is this salt it's basically evenly distributed that's about as high as I poured the water but it hasn't really dropped down at all it's just got suspended at the same height that it was poured in so this one was liquid then I can see some bubbles in it which I assume means that some bubbles started to form as it was freezing because it was under low pressure we did have the vacuum pump running for a lot of the time and as soon as that dry ice sublimated away it seems to drop in pressure quite quickly got to be some really cool use for salt that's in that powder to reform I'm not sure what it is yet but I'm gonna be thinking about that okay let's take a look at our tap water now unfortunately I think that as our salt water was bubbling I do think it launched some salt we can see we've got little bits of salt all over the edges and in between and stuff like that and that wasn't there originally but we can see what I think is actually just the residue from the tap water this is all the minerals that comes out from the tap water right there I am going to see if I can taste those minerals I don't know if it'll stick to my glove I'll try it just with my glove dry if that doesn't work I'll try like licking my finger a little bit first and see if I can get any on there [Music] maybe a very slight earthy taste I don't know about as much taste as tap water has I suppose which makes sense since it's from tap water that's everything in tap water that isn't water and then our distilled water well it's got some flakes in there that I'm fairly certain our salt that got thrown by the other ones but for the most part I think that just dissipated into nothingness I'm gonna do a little test and gather up some of these plates here and see if it always just tastes salty yeah that's just salt so the distilled water completely disappeared okay here we go so these these were raspberry lemonade this is a raspberry lemonade that does not have any high fructose corn syrup in it so these three were frozen these three were not and if we can actually pop this out of the silicone that is fragile this actually looks like it could be delicious this should be like a concentrated raspberry lemonade flavor oh my gosh whoa that is a concentrated raspberry lemon flavor with about the consistency of very lightweight styrofoam and cotton candy I would buy that if you could buy that I would buy that so guys if you own a super fancy high-end restaurant and they have fancy desserts I recommend freeze drying some raspberry lemonade don't freeze it first and you sprinkle out on top everyone think it's delicious has no idea how you did it I want to see if we can reconstitute this I'm gonna pour a little bit of water into one of these about how much water will there was before mix it up and see if it turns back into lemonade it looks pretty well mixed together spoonful of it out that looks like about the right color very similar yeah that's really good it's a good raspberry lemonade and it's literally just the exact same ingredient we just took the water out and then added water back in so it should be possible to make a really good lemonade powder by freeze-drying say a whole bottle of this stuff and then you just take the powder and pack it down and it would be real juice it wouldn't just be like a simulated like oh it tastes kind of no it'd be an actual juice it would be from concentrate because boy are you concentrating it so you could definitely make your own if you wanted to go hiking off in the mountains somewhere and have some like really good made with actual juice powder it's not just like a kool-aid type thing it's delicious water it pretty much disappears salt water makes a really cool salt powder freeze-drying juice made with cane sugar and at least with the raspberry lemonade it works great I want to try that with some other kind I'm curious what kinds of juice you can turn into a DIY juice concentrate powder guys thank you for your suggestions we'd love seeing those if you have any more of them let us know down in the comments guys that's all for today but you know we've always got more for you to see that box out of the top is gonna take you directly to our last video if you go check that out the other box is gonna show you what YouTube thinks you should be watching next and this balm here in the middle is very special you hit that you join the club you get to subscribe to the channel you never miss out on a video don't forget to ring that bell so you get the notifications and see you the next one to talk to them
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