Twins Only Say YES To Each Other For A Day

  • Published on: 2019-01-09
  • young Grayson I need you to let me do this in trip I'll let you do it almost every week then just to keep you happy so you stop whining the little bitch so no girls have the right answer what Grayson yes I think you want to let me do this intro right oh yes what's up guys we're back and for this week's video Kristen and I are gonna do a healthy brother exercise that's not this is at all basically we're on each other over all day for 24 hours because we have no choice no matter what the other person says to the other twin they must say yes and do as they were told so as you guys know it is a New Year 2019 and you know Grace and I realized that we didn't have a New Year's resolution but there were a couple things that we needed to fix the main one being we need to stop arguing the amount of arguing that we do is just unfathomable it is it is very you know it is do another way cool adjectives it is completely knowing I want to say completely counterproductive I think we would be able to get a lot more done if we were to just you know agree with each other more yeah just say yes a little bit more so that's what we're gonna do today a nice brotherly friendship practice grace to not have an issue where like one person where there's attacks that needs to get done and we're just arguing about who is gonna do it I don't want it cracked I don't want my 20 minute younger brother to boss me around I'm not gonna have that I'm gonna hold my ground until he does the task but not today - that's like every single time that I asked me to do something is after I do something 500 times and it's because wait you're still high from doing everything for you cuz you're not true at all yes it is that's true at all yes it is no it's not this it is all right you're actually gonna do something for once today I'm gonna make even do something for once to get off his lazy ass and help me out but I do all the time no you don't the even is so stubborn guys and this is why I like this video idea I don't really care what I have to do is just gonna feel so glorious for you to finally say yes to something that I asked him to do this never happens so I'm really excited for it I think you're the biggest hypocrite in the world you know grace is really that's so handshake right now are we starting yes the magic word all right I said get on with their day I do too then yes yeah it's gonna be hell are we just gonna alternate we're just gonna alternate yes all right so we're gonna do it all right do you think what do you say you let me start the video Oh actually if you're gonna let me start the video right yes okay so I know you really really like your outfit right now you like your shirt you know your little necklace your pants your Air Force Ones that you just got you know I'll let you keep the Air Force ones I mean you can't go out looking like that all right what are you talking about I'll be right back dude expert if he makes me change right now I'm gonna be very upset yeah you just gotta save that out of it for another day because you're wearing this or even let me rephrase that are you going to put this on okay yes where are these these are gonna fit me that's the point they're short shorts so wider than my body though Grayson yeah then you put your belt on here and you got wheels but there's a belt you know where there's this cool Guinea tee with the two also gave me me dude you can't beat me now I'm gonna change your appearance that's what I'm doing Ethan also can't say no yeah shave a mustache a mustache you got to have a mustache but you're gonna make me look Eddie over this we have a mustache have a mustache yes Thatta boy he's kind of trashed make my bed yes I'll make the bed I'll be getting changed in here oh my god mustache yep well Grayson since I don't really want to get hair all over my bathroom can I please shave in your room you're gonna your beard hairs all over my freaking sink resync top what yes I really like about it all right as if some things I can get your city today so I'm just gonna have a lazy day it's gonna be a great day dude how do you even get pillows on the ground like this Ethan here's a pillow over his headboard who the fuck was sleeping up there you know Gracie's kind of always my assistant he always obeys me but um I think I'm gonna make him like my maid no I think I'm making my bitch yeah I'm gonna make him my bitch that's probably better I just don't I just don't understand how do you make a room this much of a mess I guess your life just has to be that much of a mess as well oh these don't fit at all they're just falling down this is quite humiliating oh we're good of a mustache still I was gonna make you things bad I'm not gonna complain cuz honestly I would much rather make his bed then have a mustache and I actually I like my session how much rather make his bed than wearing that ridiculous outfit though so I'm pretty happy about this why the mustache Gracie hoping the day keeps going as well as it is and have a few more things in mind that I'd be really what are you gonna do so I'm just gonna tell him to do it gosh alright so I fix the pants all right get all the revenge machine into a stinking I'm not going to clean it up because I know that he hates not real mustaches when they look like this alright bet mate bring it easton that was the easiest thing that I've ever done you do that every morning he just doesn't cuz he's picked I don't I I said only way through cuz he's a pig [Music] this is bad that's Grayson's problem oh I finished your moustache my god does that my my such as your mustache and dude holy you looks like a creepy gym teacher no way Grayson what I look good no he will say precreasing do I look good yes you look good thanks again oh wow wow thanks great it's on Grayson I'll just you go obviously chilling but first you have to do something for me no idea we do have alternating what is it you have to cook me a meal cook you a meal right now mm-hmm I'm cook you a meal every single day and I never yet want to return Ethan would you make me a meal yes what would you like it's up to you surprise me I like surprises so much whole day isn't going as planned so far I hate making food if you don't know that about me already I don't know what Grayson wants me to make him food though because he knows it suck at cooking we have pancakes baby pancakes pretty simple Oh what cheddar cheese and packages of bacon it's not pancakes I think this is too complicated okay legs this way to healthy cereal I think I found a hat make me clean nobody thinks a lot I'll give them a PB&J that's good enough migration breakfast is ready it's definitely still frozen she got for me bruh what it's a freaking uncrushable PB&J in a paper bowl I think I could bunny plate itself there's kind of soggy alright well that's all you don't try this why is it crunchy it's frozen I put in the toaster I tried it's wrong oh great well I was a frozen peanut butter jelly sandwich well I was meeting your well as making your breakfast today yeah okay made it was one while I was making your breakfast I really don't have any food that I like eating so can you grocery shopping I mean I'm doing every week for us so yes thanks can you like now though actually I won't be now you can finish your breakfast my breakfast you don't know this qualifies for any sort of meal to eat peanut butter and jelly in a bowl all right I'm gonna go grocery shopping but before I go could you come with me so stupid bro what I don't want to go there's matter you know can you come with me yes okay go also even what can you come in with me now Grayson I believe it's my turn and that reminds me can I wait in the car while you go shop by yourself yes but can you not make the video boring Grayson no no could you get in the car but can you not make the video board I'm fine then can I sit in the car make the video boring no oh you can't say no Grayson if you have to obey my turn but what do you want what's your shopping list whenever we need Grayson whatever we need get some much sugary cereal sugary cereal that's your shopping list pretty much good so Ledger's grocery shop it's really not that hard Ethan is really gonna make entertaining videos isn't he just getting a lettuce he can make me do anything he wants and he makes me grocery shop that's all he does I'm so glad I was out the way in the car I cannot go in public with this mustache in this outfit it's either one of the other not both at the same time cereal aisle evenings only requests were sugary cereals what a man what a nineteen year old man he is he charms chunky cereals that looks good enough but he needs a lot of cereal so we get him one more happy crunch well that was eventful really glad you made me grocery shop and just for that I have a lot more things that I'm gonna make you do today so just keep saying yes hey come here please just sit right here it's a little bit too reviewing uh so I guess we can all agree that you looking a douchebag right now yeah he's any creepy gym teacher but he's also a douchebag at the same time okay to make you seem like even more reduced you're gonna go out right now I'm not going out great you are you're gonna go out right now into a public place and buy ass loads of protein shakes just you're gonna go and the only thing you're gonna check out with is just a bunch of protein shakes why so random it's specific douchey and embarrassing all right we'll go you're gonna do that right yeah you're gonna drive me there okay that's fine right now now that you get into the car like such a douche bag in the moustache I always forget about the moustache it's a way worse with the moustache I thought I was gonna get out of going in public with this moustache and this outfit but I feel I feel defeated hi Grayson hopes of this person walking their dog and beep at them and if they asked you why you start barking at them the first person to talk to you at the bar get to why did you make me do this [Music] bark this guy just give him a nice bark it was unfazed you better ask for protein like a douchebag in there he's walking in with a muscle shirt on his quadriceps are exposed and he's gonna be asking for protein as much protein as they can deliver as many protein shakes as you can carry go in there and ask for I feel naked right now I'm gonna stay in the car yes [Music] well Lucy so do I even got a cup of protein powder I'm gonna puppeting Grayson speed how'd it go posting better breath I didn't see your left you got a little protein on your face bro I feel it Oh yo Grayson I think you should have all of these you want to drink every single last drop of all of these smoothies I'm sorry what was that I don't I don't know what that means where you get flip this on me great I think you should drink all of these smoothies can you yes this is pretty chill I like this video all right even these smoothies are just really getting me in the mood to just drink more Vic beverages we're gonna hit up to get it out drive-thru and you're gonna enjoy a nice vanilla milkshake with me well I'm thinking my smooth there's no I'm drinking a milkshake yeah you are you have to bro Grayson I cannot drink a milkshake here's a guys understand this language I haven't had dairy in four months I can't do it messes on my stomach and messes on my skin and I've completely cut it out of my life you're gonna do get thick cold milky vanilla get it out milkshake with me while I enjoyed this smoothie while you enjoy all three of these smoothies this array of smoothies yes I can't believe I'm saying yeah I'm always saying yes because this is a video guys I've not broken this in four months I can't do this hello how you doing I'm great I just have one thing to order a large vanilla milkshake yeah can I get whipped cream on that as well thank you so much dude I'm serious I've always drank all of these shakes I feel like I'm gonna pop he said hope you do hope you do pop all right well I hope you get another pimple on your cheek like the one you have right now down here you know Gerson marketer no no sorry yes he just does hat I have what Marc you have bark oh my god yeah you have dog are you so set people you're making me do throw some milkshake yes thank you very much Ethan look at this this lovely vanilla milkshake no get it out of my face dude you have to drink it you said yes great you need to finish your smoothies I believe you still have some some left to go here chug it right now chug it I don't think it's sip no I'm not drinking the whole thing yes you are Grayson you're drinking the milkshake you said you would you said yes already here's number they're gonna lie your brother like that great how about you let me just take one sip no that wasn't I can I said you're drinking a milkshake a sip is not drinking it is drive stops no loopholes now let's see this see what you're just weren't smart enough I said you need to drink all of those you just said need to drink it definition of drinking take a liquid into the mouth and swallow yeah it doesn't say not repeatedly it's not you think you Citra it's so annoying there's so shit that ruins the video it doesn't ruin the video hi Grayson having a dairy for months you're insane you have to be out of your mind the whole point of this video is till we stop arguing yes no I think you should let me know think one step you have to say yes I'm almost finished with the last smoothie I drink it 175 fluid ounces of protein smoothie even expose a personal problem to me I'm taking one set taking orders that bro seriously dude we're supposed to stop fighting arguing I got a voice I got a buddy's douche bag shirt oh stop stop stop stop Ethan he's just running away once it what go sit go finish the smoothie go and you don't let me finish that Grayson dude this is the biggest argument we stop arguing with me it was done anyway there was this much in it look at my stuff alright now look at it baby's a smoothie baby just treat the damn pill chick please once if Grayson alright sip and pour on your head I'm not pulling it on my head yes this was cheesy throw up you're not doing I'm stopping I throw it poured on your head first going back in your car Oh your shoes braces Brooke you're looking off my new shoes no I'm not yes you are get away from Michael our first please I need to take a shower this videos this is not how you end it arguing problem all right gray um it's kind of nippy out today so when I get out of the shower you think you could have me like the most comfortable bathroom you can find it all la so you throw that on yeah sure I mean I mean yes yes all right I got Ethan's boob Hey I hid your robe what hold it open I'm not gonna dress you just recipe bro no no just hold it open all right yeah yes I'll hold it open thank you Thank You Gracie you don't think you're nice and soon for a spa day now yeah why don't you let me give you a little pedicure action and paint your toenails that's it I'm gonna paint your toenails okay yes I would actually love that why do you like that I don't know all right actually then give me a pedicure after thinking we just he literally yeah that I looked at your feet after I said that and I don't want to touch them to paint your own toenails I just checked himself into giving me a pedicure yeah I'm not giving you a penny you're just a green you have eating your toenails hey you ready having popping toenails I'm down - why are you down I'm not now - touch those hairy why'd I do that there's a nice seat for you I thought maybe you wouldn't want his toenails painted hot pink club somehow that backfired I don't mind at all you might they'll probably look better than my normal toes now he really wants his toenails painted pink this is like the best day ever I knew at one point in the day you'd become my little bitch I had a prediction of the beginning of the video this is great beautiful sunset you're painting my toenails and it tickles a little bit it feels good it actually feels good a tickle so a good kind of thing it's not like the uncomfortable kind did you stop painting my feet you don't even have a toenail on here why is it so small I think I'd been at all do you reach that with your mouth I mean like I think I picked it off of my fingers all right yeah that's what you mean weirdo this is gonna get somebody dislikes TV shows feet close-up so we probably shouldn't do that no guys come on like for my toenails they're pretty I kind of feel bad for Grayson because he got himself into this subscribe for Grayson painting my toenails okay I'm done and it's my turn now that was your turn we literally just got done talking about how that was your turn my turn it didn't really feel like my turn you're right all right Grayson I'm a little hungry give any grapes but I'm not feeding you grapes and a river meme sake I needed to get fed grapes in a robe but I want to feed you grapes in a row grapes in go Grammys that was a real good one he's literally gonna feed me grapes in a bathrobe I'll allow and share with my toenails painted hot pink my toenails look delicious Oh hope these creeps are running well can you wash those off they're like really powdery yeah yes it's just a little bit of pool water it's chlorine Grayson it's a chemical the pool did get pretty dirty too I gotta clean it you know what yes I'll get water on my shirt oh it's just water oh no it's not just water dusty grape water on my shirt how did this video end up with you leading me grapes with me in a bathrobe in a lounge chair with my toenails painted up thinking I have no idea outsmarted you bro a whole jar life I've been tricking you into thinking that I didn't want my toenails painted hot pink little did you know I just did this for humiliating thumbnail and for the me I'm gonna go play some fortnight now no you're not yeah no you're not yes I am you can't say that no you're not ideal so what I mean okay what's your turn when you think of something I'll be in my room playing for tonight hmm hey Brad you literally just started around came up to be honest even I feel like this video is just gonna make us argue even more yeah and it's it's kind of almost ruining our relationship the day's come to an end so what do you say we wrap things up now under one condition yes you sing the outro I'm not singing wait what I'm not singing I just don't know what this I don't know it's the singing Greyson I don't know what you think not you think something like nod or something I know what do you say I said yes yeah you said yes no everybody guys subscribe like this video you can click off now you don't have to watch that subscribe click off check out last week's video we did a blooper reel you guys got to watch a show that's gonna be the best part you can take it from here anything I should be able to skip this one no real quick first guys before your start bleeding Ethan and I wanted to do something special for you guys every week now here on this channel since this is the start of the new year so the first video back after New Year's Day we wanted to start this new thing where we give you guys like a shout out just because we're so appreciative of all the support that you guys give us I want to shout you guys out for doing so so if you guys have our notifications on for our YouTube channel which is like that little belt let us know by tweeting us a screenshot of that and we see it will give you a shout out in our weekly videos yeah so just press that little bell so just present but press a little bow do the happy thing we're doing the answer you're supposed to be singing like this sing that yes probably can't see I don't know how I don't know how to sing this is so bad this is so bad for me press the Bell in the red buddy [Music] come back dude he's got a mustache too to make things better come come come on gotta have a mustache press the bell the little button the red wants you that says subscribe or something I'm freestyling this song and I want to cut my toes off they're pink and pretty see you next Tuesday that would be lovely to see you subscribe for weekly videos I'm singing the outro in my falsetto I got a mustache that look like a creepy gym teacher alright guys think about the money's just a piece P dude I will do together we'll do together ready 1 2 1 2 3 P peace [Music] what's up guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop and click on those eight cards you see right there on the subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch linked in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bio it's so good merch super fresh
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