Match the Baby to Their Parent (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on: 2018-12-04
  • (laughing) - That aint yo baby. My name's Karlos Dillard and I'm guessing who's baby this is. - No, not at all. I don't like babies. They grow inside you for nine months, financial like sustenance. And it's not their baby? (sighs) Okay. (baby crying) Hi how are you? Hi little babies. Oh there are babies everywhere. (loud crying) That's definitely not her child. Oh she's talented. That's her baby, that's her baby. (laughing) That aint yo baby. Hey who's your parent? Which one do you want to go to? She don't know who the parents are. (laughing) I'm gonna say this is her baby. (laughing) Why are you looking at me like that Fox? Do you know him? (baby crying) Fox. I think this is your momma. Here let's go to mommy. Okay let's see, yup, that's his momma. What's her name? Hi Isabella. Can you talk yet, or no? No, not yet. Isabella come here, come here, come here. Who's your momma? (laughing) I'll take her back. Are these babies twins? Are these twins? yes because she's Asian. Those are twin babies, I'm sorry. - Yeah, yeah. Half? Which one's yours? That one? Which one's your mom? Is it this lady? There you go, is this your momma? Is this it? This is the lineup? Is that really your baby? And this is your baby? Hi, hey Fox wanna come to me? Yeah Fox likes me. He see's me as mom now, so he's cool. to your partner delivering this beast. Hey little mama. This a cute one. Hi how are you? Or did she just come out? Or is the mail man really the dad? She's so cute, (whispering) you have the cutest baby, sorry guys. Sorry I thought you pushed out two babies, - I know (laughing) - Hi! Hi, how old is she? - Almost 10 months. - You're just so cute. Hi you helped me out, high five. No? Okay. Low five! No, okay. Fine. Okay there was a lot of babies. I'm a little hot. (babies babbling) - Good job! - I mean congratulations to me, like. (clapping) I don't like people touching my dogs, touch y'all's babies. Thank you, bye. How y'all have me judging these babies?
  • Runtime: 03:55
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  • C Rendon

    I love Karlos!!! Lol he's the honest friend every one needs hahaha

  • Apps' Videos

    "That's the cutest baby" the heck dude? Really? In front of all the parents?

  • Zayn Kloski

    Now all hell would break lose if he wasn’t black and accused a black woman of having more than one kid. Get rid of him

  • youtube_addiction23

    You should do this with dogs. That would be so hard, because they would be happy with anyone.

  • Isabella Zemelko

    2:44 Imagin how offended the father and mother of that baby must have felt😂😂😂

  • Razar Raz

    How dare you assume those kids gender!!! Sarcasm...

  • SF7Gamer

    Whoever doesn't love Karlos, what are you doing? Karlos is the best guest on Cut.

  • Movement of Life

    I definitely don't like Karlos. He tells the guy that the baby he's holding isn't his simply because he's white. Completely stupidity.

  • Real Kekee

    He just said “congratulations to your wife for pushing out this beast”

  • Mastodon Jack

    He is so disrespectful oh my god. It is kinda covered by his fun persona but jesus

  • Rachel Serenity

    I do not judge her cause I am the same way but the Mom on the far right was very serious.

  • Georgia Elizabeth

    he acts like every hispanic parent when they say they don’t want a dog. like “i don’t like babies” but then baby talks it’s so funny

  • Kitty Likes

    💀💀💀just the first few seconds of the video

  • Lily Cui

    Hi y'all random people if you don't mind checking out my new cover i'll really appreciate it and I know it's kinda cringe but I'll get better:)


    Lmao that baby went right to her mom she was over it