Thank You From Alex Trebek | JEOPARDY!


  • Don G

    Bless you Alex god speed

  • steve bardill

    And thank you for jepardy ...I been watching from day one Alex

  • James F

    Who are the 278 people that give Alex a thumbs down, wow just wow

  • Betty Fidler

    Praying for you to have a full recovery and beat this cancer.

  • WiLDHaNdZ

    Must be nice being rich and famous, you dont have to worry about the cost or the waiting time Fuck the poor people, amirite?

  • Clark Kent

    Why does alex trebek constantly position his hands in the shape of a pyramid...could there be something else going on behind the scenes that the public does not know about? I wonder if there could be a much deeper meaning in all of this. I wonder if Alex trebek is getting ready to retire. Could this be a round about way of alex announcing his retirement? Anything is possible. George Alexander "Alex" Trebek

  • JonatasAdoM

    I hope you didn't make this video as a farewell because you're not getting away this easily.

  • TheTheoTherone

    I hate, HATE pancreatic cancer! But I love Alex, and hope his battle will bring new knowledge to combating this shittiest of cancers! We need ANSWERS! Get ya boy Watson on this! Stay strong, Alex! 💓

  • Me.

    I never watched jeopardy often but I truly hope you live through this. Stay strong!!

  • Teresa Kelton

    I just had a scary diagnosis. Have faith in God you will win this fight !

  • Ha Y

    Alex, we all wish for you to beat this cancer. If wishes do come true, you will beat it. Take care.