Rebuilding A Wrecked 2013 Nissan GTR Part 5

  • Published on: 2019-02-10
  • check this out guys which build is missing what is up guys welcome back to the channel so today we are going to continue working on this 2013 Nissan GTR and our main goal is to get it 100% ready for the paint booth we do got some minor bodywork on each fender but it shouldn't take too long we should knock that out pretty quick and after we are done with all the bodywork we're gonna continue with the wet sanding process the whole front end gets wet sanded and also these doors because we are gonna be blending onto them so we do got a good bit of work on our hands so let's get into it and try to get this thing ready for the paint [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] oh my gosh do these stuff is hot Oh real hot that's bondo for you right there where actually this is glazing putty but bondo is the exact same thing dang is hot it gets hot when it starts a start to drying out of course reacting or whatever does it's like a chemical reaction but but do not need much glazing putty here as you can see well we did throw it on it as like an even surface right I mean you're yeah I'm gonna send it down really smooth basically send it down until nothing I'm just using this basically to get in the scratches the very deep scratches good is it really didn't need much but that should be just perfect alright so while that glazing hoodie is drying on that end we are gonna move over here on this side show you guys what we got going on here nothing too crazy just a little little corner right here where the headlight comes in contact with the fender they don't actually touch but yeah I can see looks like it's a little bit high yeah a little bit of hammering right there and I think that should be it honestly yes so let's go ahead and remove this headlight [Music] so both fingers are completely repaired they're ready for primer but we can't throw primer on it right now because we are completely out so let's run to the store and grab something oh right so we are at O'Reilly's manis these guys got the everything in here this ain't your normal Riley's this that big this big I know every single one of you guys do this Lukas alrighty folks we got her primer here activator what is that right up activator 2 K primer great man we're ready to go prime let's go so before we actually start laying down some primer I want to go around these edges with the 320 nicely and then we're gonna tape it up throw some that clear wrap on it and then we can actually lay some primer down [Music] I'm fit so let's hit it very light that's it let's get the other side done man that's it bodywork is completely done now we're gonna let that dry before we actually start singing that primer but in the meantime we're gonna jump on them two doors and try to completely tear them apart so we can have them ready for that wet sanding process you did throw a little bit of foam tape in between that crevice there and yeah it looks like it worked great it let none of that overspray to go inside the engine bay no sir [Music] all right so now that we got the car completely uncovered we are gonna take apart this door and pretty much the only reason that we want to take it apart is to get this mirror off and also this handle and just any other trim that's over here because we're gonna be sanding the whole entire door and we're gonna pretty much be blending halfway or maybe even just to the edge right here right the edge just as much as needed on the sleeve just to blend it so everything is one color yeah so the base coat is just pretty much gonna get blended but we are gonna clearcoat this whole entire door you know so that's gonna get completely sanded pretty much yeah so we just have to sand it with the 600 just like normally he's just we're gonna blend it halfway exactly let's jump right into it I don't know how GTR doors coming Karmapa comes off so they have to figure some things out let's do it man I'm excited to see how it all works [Music] there you have it guys that's pretty much what goes on inside of a GTR door it's some sort of weird aluminum bar reinforcement bar that is so weird yeah but we are moving right along here there's a few more things that we need to get to like that mirror and also this piece of trim here and then this door handle the door handle I think is gonna be pretty easy it should just be two bolts but it may be something a little bit more complicated GTR is a little bit more complicated but we love a challenge [Music] you know he's got one more thing over here which is gonna be this door handle and also the little rubber seal at the bottom here which that's gonna be very simple on that seal may leave that sill made you sleeve it tape on top of it pretty minute it'll be easier to tape that door oh yeah that makes sense [Music] yeah it's pretty dang cool but it was a little bit difficult a little bit complicated but that's your legendary GTR go ride door handle that's crazy it was a lot of work just to get that off but you gotta have some good memory to put this thing back together probably you definitely do there's tons of little bolts and stuff but I think we got it yeah we got it so that's pretty much it for this entire door right here everything is taken apart now it's just pretty much ready to be wet sanded but we're gonna go ahead and jump onto the other side first and take it completely apart yep while we're still fresh on our minds have you hack it apart so much lighter with that all that stuff that's why I was you so hard to slam but oh yeah that's how we're gonna be getting in from in and out of the car when we're gonna be at the paint booth because we're gonna clearly paint without the handles and I guess we're just gonna throw like a tape line right here yeah definitely we're not all that is we're not painting on this I'll be super simple exactly so let's jump onto the other side take it apart and then we'll get to what sandy [Music] all right so there you have it we got this passenger side taken apart everything is disassembled it is ready to wet sand all we got left to do is pretty much pop out this headlight and we'll be ready to go [Music] all right so we got our bucket of soap and water we've got our sanding blocks we got our sandpaper here don't mind a little chick-fil-a mess but here we have a few sheets of sandpaper and my main goal is to pretty much not sand through on this door because if I do send through that's gonna cause us to ruin our blending because we do not want to throw any paint past this point right here so I cannot stand through anywhere on this door but let's go ahead and get into it he's gonna sand the primer areas with a 400 grit probably right yep pulling it right here nice and smooth [Music] [Music] all right so both of the primed areas are sanded and that whole side is pretty much sanded let me show you guys what we got a touch-up this is the matte finish we're going for in any shiny area like here for example we will take care of that because the paint or the clear coat is not gonna stick as well right yeah the clear coat in any type of rock trip or anything that hits it will chip is supers actually so you want to you want to at least have it just like this right here yeah Oh see that's not gonna pass right there but that right there is great yeah that's perfect and with this door we're trying to do very soft sanding on it because you don't want to sand through because it will just completely suck because then you're gonna need to sand this quarter panel and yeah and the quarter pounder the quarter panel so that's why you see a lot of clear spots around this side of the door because he was doing it very lightly try to be very careful you gotta have that in mind when you're sanding can't just sit there and sand because if you do sand through it's gonna suck yeah you're gonna be learned from experience and we're trying to help you guys so guys learn exactly learn with us learn from our mistakes learn from our mistakes I mean that's about it I mean we just have to sand a little bit more right here and on that side I just finished sanding the primer and this fender looks to be very good that's how you want it everywhere might have to go along these little cracks right here and just sand in there with your finger nothing's too serious as well as these little edges right here we are sanding about say a quarter of an inch down right here about a quarter of an inch because when you do put a piece of foam tape right here or tape it up you want it to spray in there and overlay on top of the other other paint so everything is nice and perfect it's almost almost OEM yeah most OEM almost OEM as well as all these little edge and stuff you got to take your time send them to and most people don't realize but you do have to sand this as well because this is visible sometimes some cars the same I know the fender liner yeah we'll cover this but it's better to sand it and paint it so nothing starts chipping and starts a new little chip or whatever you want it perfect and on as for this side right here yeah right we're slide there like a few hours now I'm about as far sanding with the 600 and we're probably gonna are we gonna remove this hood whenever we for the painting process we may I'm thinking about removing it because I just don't want no type of overspray oh man that's a perfectly finished beautiful thing but we'll figure that out later let's uh let's go ahead and finish up wet sanding because this does take a good bit of time so yeah let's get at it but I want to mention one more thing if anybody is wondering why we're not blending onto this panel right here this panel from here to here is actually a black a dark flat black this is not the same colors as all GTRs would have this black no matter what color your GTR is this is that nice dark black no metallics no nothing so that's why we're not saying it and blending it because it is a flat black as you can see yeah as tons of metallics it just doesn't have anything let's get to a man let's keep on saying [Music] [Music] all right so finally everything is wet-sanded 100% we did have to add some of this what is this called red putty some glazing putty because it was a few rock chips right here and that red glazing putty works wonders in Rock chips you just throw it in there let it dry out and then sand it with the 600 and it just fills it up super smooth yes sir we do not want any Rock chips you're trying to get a pristine paint job so well I mean we are pretty much all wet sanded yeah the front bumper where's it from bumper bumper is out there may need some red putty it may not but dude we're pretty much ready we are ready for sure it's going so fast man yeah it feels like it's going so fast I'm trying to slow it down but how hard doing mods guys we've been talking about it that's our favorite word is mods mods you can see whenever we talk about a GTR mm but you know you know you know we're gonna do two you already know y'all already know you you know and you don't know it you know it's gonna be awesome but you know don't know the exact mods we're gonna do yeah it's gonna be sick it's gonna be sick I'm excited to start tuning this thing I mean it's already tuned as you know that a cop tune that older one we need to get a new one new passport and charge pipes guys that's like my main concern is charge pipes as you can see these things are just the OEM and look at that right there was that ain't that a Mitsubishi City man on a GTR I cannot believe that that's crazy and wonder if that's like same company bought Valve's Mitsubishi that's crazy however you want to say Mitsubishi on that paint job is gonna turn out amazing I can guarantee you oh yeah that's gonna be pretty much it for today we did get a head start and we got this thing almost ready for the paint booth we got it all sanded there's to be some touch-ups to the front bumper some glazing putty some of that red putty for chips and stuff we're gonna make sure that looks really good cuz that's the face of the car we want it to look amazing but look at that guy's got all scented down so we're to continue working actually tomorrow so see you then alright so it is the next day actually and my brother Billy had to take off because he had to take care of some business so before I wrap this video up there is a few things that I want to do myself and first thing I want to do is run to the dealership and actually grab some coolant for the GTR that way when it is time to go to the paint booth we'll be ready to drive it onto the trailer and into the paint booth so that's the first thing that I want to do also if you look closely at this bumper there is a few touch-up areas as you can see right there and if you really look closely there is a few Rock chips and whatnot which we did mention we're going to use the red glazing putty so I may also take care of this bumper and make sure everything is actually 100% ready so I'm gonna head to the dealership and pick up some coolant to already know I'm gonna be whipping the zero-one and I also may give you guys a quick build update because we do have one build that is missing and a lot of you have been asking about it Nissan pulling up on Nissan in a dang Chevrolet all righty guys so we got our fluid here three gallons should be plenty I'll catch you guys back at the house all right so we are back and thanks the fluid was scattered I will admit I was having a little bit of fun out there all right so this fluid is already pre diluted all I got to do is fill her up to the top and that's it and after that I'm gonna drop her back on her wheels and just drop her off the quick jack and then we could focus on that front bumper [Music] all right so now that the coolant is good we've got the car down on all fours it is ready to just drive out and get that final wash once we get to that stage but now I'm gonna move on to this front bumper as you can see here a few rock chips that we want to get rid of because that'll definitely show up in the paint job we are gonna seal this bumper but still you want to get as much of that out as possible I'm gonna give this a really good wet sand and hopefully I can take care of all these little rock chips and dings [Music] all right so I took care of all the rock chips with this acrylic glazing putty and I think we are good all I got to do is just send all that but before I actually start sending I'm gonna give you guys a quick update before I wrap this video up also alright so I'm gonna start with a 370z I know a lot of you guys were kind of confused that we got so many builds going on but we are just revealing this we are not currently starting this until we finish the Dodge Viper and actually the GTR so that's just a quick little update on that let us know what you think we should do to it just to keep it in mind and that's it for the 370 for now did we almost forget about the f250 now I think we sure did but this is still not our f250 a good buddy of ours which is like a brother to us he lets us borrow this whenever we want he bought it from us but now he just lets us borrow it whenever so what do you guys think should we buy this thing back and just like do a tune delete and or should we just go with the whole different style truck maybe a Chevy or a Dodge you know that Cummins maybe maybe able to outdo it but I don't know leave your comments down below oh my goodness you guys some of you guys are gonna be some of you guys are gonna be mad I think I'm pretty mad about this too the Mustang is just chilling out here under the tree I'm actually about to take it out there and give it a nice wash it's just been pretty much just sitting but we do got some big plans for this thing also and as for the zl1 we are planning on keeping it stock because we are gonna throw it on the market here very soon and a lot of you guys have been asking about the zo6 which we did throw in the market and it is sold officially so guys that is gonna give us a little bit more leverage to get another new awesome build I hate to get rid of the zl1 but maybe in a couple of months so we are gonna still have this thing for I'd say about three more months have fun with it it has been a very awesome car I mean that terior is just one of the highest qualities and the drivability is just amazing around corners and stuff like that it is a very aggressive looking car so I'm gonna hate to get rid of it but we got some new awesome things on the way as usual and you are gonna get a Viper video here very soon it is so close to being finished all we gotta do is put it completely together maybe give it a buff in a Polish but stay tuned for that let us know what video you want to get next for Tuesday either a GTR video or a viper video let us know comment your thoughts down below as usual so with that being said that's gonna be pretty much a wrap for today's video I will finish this bumper off in the next GTR video so stay tuned be sure to LIKE and subscribe and turn on your post notifications so you don't miss out on anything also guys be sure to follow us on Instagram where you can get an inside scoop there before YouTube and if you haven't coffee some merch go to goon squad comm and support your boys thank you guys for all the love and support be sure to stay tuned and we'll catch you next time peace
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  • ryan meeker

    When you paint over factory use red scotch bright pads. It will take less time but you run less of a risk to burn threw the clear. This method is used all threw out the auto body industry and makes sanding alot faster.

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    YO you should only use 1000 grit for blend panels 600 is to course plus less chance of burning the paint and you can see the scratches in lighter color metallics

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