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  • Published on: 2019-01-10
  • just a quick announcement that I've been secretly streaming for the last couple of months so if you'd like to come watch or play some games and participate QA I'm streaming on twitch TV from Monday to Thursday at 5 p.m. Pacific and the link is in the description many people who spend time abroad or traveled to see parts the world they haven't seen before almost universally say that their travel experience shaped them into the more mature and cultured person that they are today in my personal experience I went to live and study in France for five months after high school and when I came back everyone said wow you really have changed it's like you're so much more social and confident in who you are but the truth was that for the first time ever I actually just had something to talk about nevertheless while there can be a bit of a scary learning curve getting out of your own country to see somewhere new is almost always gonna be worth the struggle and if you're a first-time traveler who's a little nervous remember that one of the advantages that we have going for us is speaking English natively which is massively underrated because English is the only language that is always spoken in airports and in almost all tourist destinations in contrast think about it like this if you're from Italy and only speak Italian can't really leave if you're from Japan and only speak Japanese can't really leave this is why a lot of European countries like Germany have their kids learn English from a very young age regardless some people will still say well if you're visiting Germany you should still try to learn some German out of courtesy and while I see their point that certainly didn't work out so well for Anne Frank so once you've decided that you're gonna travel somewhere you have to figure out where to go based on who and what you want to do what you want to do and there's really three types of trips you can go on which are long-term cultural experiences where you live in a foreign country and start to assimilate into life is local there's short-term tourism where you go see the sites and do the neat things they have that you don't have and there's the third type of trip which is capitalizing on the living wage of developing countries to get wasted on the beach at a low price so once you booked your trip made to the airport and whoever gave you a ride has asked if you have your passport 15 times all that stands in your way is the airport security well it sounded a little terrorist II what I mean to say is that in the United States going through airport security is the worst you have to take off your shoes separate your phone for your laptop separate your toiletries from your clothes your liquids from your hair is even your books need to be separated from your bag and all in like 20 seconds the thing is that when I'm at home I don't even sort my laundry so you can imagine I was pretty confused the first few times but at least I learned what they mean by separate your coloreds from your whites this is all bearable for everyone though because really you're just hoping you don't get thrown in Guantanamo for the hundred ten mils of sunscreen you're smuggling meanwhile if you go through Europe there's a 60 second line for a handsome Dutch man who will stamp your passport with his ex-girlfriend's phone number then offer you a stroopwafels he compliments your burette 50 Cal and asked how the wall is coming along might have been exaggerating there a little bit but he was handsome one of the biggest fears of new travelers is missing their flight and well that's nearly impossible because they're always delayed even if you do miss your flight most airlines are happy to put you on the next flight available you might be saying wait one of the next flight is already overbooked and has no space and not to worry because they all already are and that might make you think wait if that's the case how could I be assured that the airline won't forcefully kick me off a flight that I rightfully bought a ticket for there's not enough seats so once you've made it onto the plane and are about to zoom away to the sky if you're anything like me one of the first things you'll notice is the women in uniform exactly sure why I'm into that I think because I'm really turned on by employability like they say you want what you can't have is every time on a flight and an attractive flight attendant asks if I'd like anything from the menu I say oh no I'm fine thanks and then I imagine us travelling the world together well I don't expect to ever join the mile-high club or how that would even happen let's just say I do always sit in the aisle the thing I've been thinking too is that I'm pretty sure you're not even allowed to hook up with someone on a commercial aircraft especially staff I was thinking there's always a chance and like the wings would fall off the plane and we're all gonna die anyway so then why wouldn't you even if we survived and there's an officer to arrest me when we land what you gonna do put me in handcuffs so once you get to where you're going especially if you haven't traveled internationally before the first thing you're gonna do is realize you've massively underestimated what the whole thing is going to cost even if you thought you're gonna get a cheap air B&B and live like local suavely haggling the local markets with level 5 geo lingo the truth is the moment you walk into the streets and hear a foreign language fight or flight will kick in and take you straight to the mcDonald's touchscreens even if you're going somewhere cheap like Mexico you're gonna get overcharged at local markets and not know where to shop to the point that by the time you're ready to leave you'll be as poor as the people who live there in my opinion at the end of the day what you'll really bring back from any trip is a perspective on how other people live throughout the world I actually had an eye-opening experience when I stopped in northern Africa for a day where you can meet people whose entire family of 15 sleeps in the same room as them that heat porridge out of fired mud bowls and they have no clean water or electricity I had a chance to talk to one lady who said that she made a dollar 75 a day spinning textiles and her husband made $2 a day farming there's a person coming for a much more privileged place this obviously made me feel incredibly guilty for what I had so of course I reached into my wallet took out 25 cents and handed it to the lady in order to close the wage gap so as a little personal story I thought you guys might like my most recent travel experience was going to VidCon in Anaheim California a few months ago and right from the start when I got on my first flight the pilot announced I'm very sorry ladies and gentlemen but a piece of the aircraft has fallen off we're gonna have to call our technician to see we can reattach the piece for liftoff and I was sitting there thinking all right well it's Air Canada that makes sense but the most unsettling part of the whole experience was that the pilot was also so nonchalant about it as if every second flight a piece of the aircraft is falling off and he doesn't even care because he's just way to die and you know can't blame him really but at any rate the pilot said the technician lived 15 minutes away so it'll be a bit so an hour later when the guy gets there the pilot goes over the intercom again and says ladies and gentlemen the technician is currently working on the aircraft I'll be sure to keep you updated and we do apologize for the delay but the part that weeded me out was he was kind of laughing to himself the whole time and I was getting nervous because it was kind of like a Sideshow Bob you're all going down with me type of thing it turned out in fact he was laughing because the mechanic forgot to bring any tools so he was trying to reattach a twenty thousand horsepower turbine with fucking scotch double-sided in the end it all works out though because we got put on a flight five hours later and I received not only an expired granola bar but a $5 Tim Hortons voucher that I could use on any purchase ten dollars and over but the very least I'm happy to say the next plane didn't fall apart and crash us into the fiery pits of hell we actually landed there quite smoothly [Music] you
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  • SemiChubber

    5:25 - As a Air Canada Pilot, this is fucking hilarious.

  • Teichbukkanier -

    In germany english is a main Subject that u cant stop doing, its a duty one for the whole schooltime and i am so thankful for that. We all are not limited to German media , can travel abroad or help strangers who visit us

  • Jiren

    We want the old Casually Explained the new one is so entitled 😒

  • Jennifer Green

    Separate your coloreds from whites..... Lmao im black and I almost choked to death from laughing when it clicked love these vids lol

  • Abdelrahman Mohamed

    All countries teach English from the very start. Some more successfully than others.

  • Zachary North

    Just recently subbed. Your videos are hilarious. This one really made me laugh. Also, a fellow Canadian.