Margot Robbie & Saoirse Ronan Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Published on: 2018-12-04
  • I'm Margot Robbie and I'm Sasha Ronan and I'm going to doing the wired autocomplete interview are these real people become dead he's my hobby British mango are you British I am NOT I am Australian ding ding ding is America Robbie Harley Quinn who's that I am NOT Harley Quinn but I play Holi Quinn all right that's your name is Margot Robbie enjoys for Ryan to him do I look like someone in transformers maybe maybe they just want you to be in transform maybe maybe you should be a transformer oh I could have played that is Margot Robbie alive when do people yeah I'm alive is murder Robbie attached to I'm not a tattoo artist I'm a person who owns a tattoo gun and dance tattoos but there's no artistry involved what's been your worst tattoo the one I spelled incorrectly it was on Suicide Squad we were doing squad tattoos on each other we're spelling sk w ad and i terrible how to pronounce Saoirse Ronan it's actually it's so it's Saoirse but it's easier for Americans and English people to say Saoirse or Sasha what was the difference Saoirse is how Irish people say and how to Americans it Saoirse kind of a sad thing okay um how to Saoirse Ronan so Saoirse Ronan yeah just explain that just yeah how tall is social ruinin visa sec I'm twelve foot nine was so Sirona in Twilight now I wasn't could've been one of the werewolves does Saoirse Ronan have siblings now I don't only child yeah was Margot Robbie in damn to copy no I was not in Downton Abbey but I would have been rad was mega Robbie nominated for an Oscar I was with my fellow Oscar nominees certiorari shake crowd was mad Robbie really skating in I Tanya yes I was although a lot of what you see is a skate because even with my skating a professional could do it better yes I skated a lot nice on you this movie's a mess so I was I was in a soap opera in Australia coordinators for three years and it was wonderful is Saoirse Ronan Irish that's why we guest sure um is Saoirse Ronan married I wish no is Saoirse Ronan in Game of Thrones no the dragon ah dragon really cute my dog is Saoirse Ronan on Instagram I had no I'm not Saoirse Ronan American technically yes as well I was born you're born here is Saoirse Ronan vegan know as let's say you just ordered chicken tenders I happen pescetarian though basically since March you know chicken is yeah I know that but I'm trying to be pescetarian know how Margot Robbie net mm ah it's a it's a it's probably a story too long to tell right now but honestly you could just google maka will be on Ellen and probably um like the whole long story how old is Margot Robbie I'm 28 although I see on the internet a lot of people being like 28 more like 38 I'm like oh I mean I can show you my birth certificate I really am how was America Robbie discovered I wasn't discovered as much as I forced my way onto a job essentially because I just wouldn't stop calling FremantleMedia which is the company that runs Mavis hello Margot Robbie Brooklyn accent how how Margot Robbie Brooklyn ah how that makes no sense no it doesn't how am i well yes yeah the short answer is that pretended to have fake nails how to get married girl Robbie waves much like hair waves I knew that do it myself I do I just have it in a plaque the night before and take it out what is Saoirse Ronan doing now yes what is Saoirse Ronan 'he's age how you forget my age office not you 24 yeah thanks that was the best year of my life so far well I'm sure there's other quick one I even really loved 23 and 25 like someone's yeah yeah yeah I'm a writer what was social Ronan's first movie um I could never be your woman which was a film with Michelle Pfeiffer oh I really came in that was actually quite good time what color are social Ronan's eyes black they're beautiful blue clue what Saoirse means freedom oh my god freezing moral Liberty I learned things today yes I do feel changed after that I do I do and I feel like we've bonded on a level that we just had in the movie Mary Queen of Scots which you should go and favored by the way thanks behinds word bye
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  • Your Majesty

    Margot Robbie has so perfect looks, can't stop admiring

  • DUH

    Is Saoirse Ronan so beautiful? YesIs Saoirse Ronan cutest? YesIs Saoirse Ronan a great actress? YesIs Saoirse Ronan loved by much people? YesDo you love Saoirse Ronan? Yes

  • Vash Stampede

    Love how they both look innocent and then you just hear them, " I wanna play a transformer" and "I would be a dragon". nice xD

  • Rubens

    Hottest two actresses at the moment hands down. And I do not mean by appearance

  • son off adam

    Maycup make face old so fast Bealive or not look margot is 29 but she look like 40 or 36

  • mariazzz1

    Saoirse actually could have been a wonderful Sansa. Anyway, all of them are doing a great job.

  • Tomh

    Who came here after watching an Emma mackey video 😂

  • Sodara nya Night bot

    Can't understand anymore why can saoirse be that gorgeous, i fall in love to the people that she doesn't even know me :(

  • Lauren Hughes

    How I’m the world is she 12ft 9 I’m 5ft 7 and could probably be taller than her because she looks quite small 🤦‍♀️